Meet the Graduates: Harrison the (almost) Lawyer

Meet the Graduates: Harrison the (almost) Lawyer

So it’s boxing day, you’re tired and if we’re honest probably a little hungover, but deep down you’re still worried about not having a plan and, if you’re in your third year, you’re probably terrified about what you’ll be doing this time next year.

Well, lucky for you it’s also a Wednesday, which also means another Meet the Graduate, this week its Harrison, from Essex.

We spoke with Harrison because it can be easy for Degrees to pigeon hole careers, if you let them of course. Doing English or Politics or History, or any other of the majority of degrees, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard some derivative of “I just don’t see how that leads to a job”.

So for any non-vocational course students out there, pay close attention to this one.

Harrison was awarded his BA Politics the summer of 2017 from the University of Nottingham. And he didn’t remind me of this, but I actually remember him getting the second highest mark in his year group (his girlfriend Ellie came first, and I don’t ever want him to forget it). So, brains clearly not being an issues, a career in Westminster would be what you assume comes next? 

Meet the Graduates: Harrison the (almost) Lawyer
Harrison at one of the endless Balls you go to during graduation season.
They’re actually really fun.

Nope. The law: 

“I chose to study a Graduate Diploma in Law after University and work towards becoming a Solicitor. I chose to read a politics degree mainly because I did not want to do the LNAT test for law students. I did not have a concrete plan to studying law until the end of second year at Nottingham. That was a particular benefit of studying a wide course like politics. My degree helped enormously in finding a training contract at a law firm. It demonstrated a level of commercial awareness outside of law.”

It’s worth noting here that H and his concrete plan in second year is a rare thing and something I was very envious of at the time. Harrison is actually one of those “seems to have it all together” students which inspired this website, if we’re honest.

In any case, a common worry for current students is how long it may take them to land a job, but for Harrison, it was just a couple of months in the wilderness, being offered a training contract in September 2017. 

“Because law firms hire trainees two years in advance, I haven’t actually started yet.”

So the studying isn’t over, as he is currently doing a Masters of law at BPP University. Brave Soul.

The point is, as Politics students we got an awful lot of “but what job does that lead to”, or, as I heard more than once “so you’re gonna be Prime Minister then?!”, but this doesn’t stop you from swapping across.

Every student I’ve ever encountered has a ‘transferable skill’, I promise you there is something you will find you love after graduation and you will be able to make it possible.

Meet the Graduates: Harrison the (almost) Lawyer
Harrison and his brother Ethan on Graduation day.

On reflection, would you change anything about your time at Uni?

“We all have regrets from University, but that is part of the experience. It is a unique environment where you are in the adult world, but still behaving like a teenager. That is what makes it interesting.”

The best thing about being a student, despite the discounts of course, is that you’re in this weird little bubble where you can do Quidditch on the downs in the morning and debate society in the evening. You regret far more what you don’t try.

These things also help grow your overall experience as a person which is essential to your employability – people buy people. Speaking of growing experience, we’re also looking for volunteer writers, if anybody wants to have a go.

After Graduation

How often do you go out nowadays? 

“If I’m honest, very little, but I am a particularly boring individual, the point is that I keep in touch regularly with a small circle of Uni friends fairly often, despite living across the country from them and all of us having busy lives.”

Is Graduation the end of the world? 

“Graduation is not the end. You are a long time working, so make the most of the unique environment of Uni.” 

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