Becoming a Morning Person in 2019 - My ONLY New Year's Resolution

Becoming a Morning Person in 2019 – My ONLY New Year’s Resolution

Are you tired of missing out on the best part of your day? Maybe you’ve slipped into some lazy habits over Christmas? If this sounds like you ‘becoming a morning person in 2019’ should make it onto your list of New Year’s resolutions. Who knows, it could be your best year yet!

What will you gain?

Becoming a Morning Person in 2019 - My ONLY New Year's Resolution
Just think of all the morning skies you’ll wake up to

More hours in the day:

When it goes dark at 4 pm can you really afford to be waking up around 10:30 am? No, before you know it it’s lunchtime. You’ve lost the majority of your day which ultimately will make you less productive and probably put you in a bad mood. By adopting better morning habits you are literally putting more hours in the day. Think of everything you could (theoretically) achieve with all that extra time! Get the most out of your time at university, 3 years goes in a flash and you’ll definitely miss it when its gone.

The ego boost:

If you’re the sleepy housemate who sleeps in till past 11 am you’ve probably kicked yourself over giving in to those extra couple of hours sleep. Especially when you see everyone else has got up before you. Imagine the surprised look on your housemates faces when no longer are you the last out of bed, getting off on that little ego boost never hurt anyone. We all know the people that post pictures of their 5 am run on Instagram aren’t doing it “just for the aesthetic”. Who knows, that could even be you!

Becoming a Morning Person in 2019 - My ONLY New Year's Resolution

The cheat-codes to early mornings

The night before:

Unsurprisingly the secret to being a morning person largely depends on the night before. Minimising the amount of decisions your brain has to make in the morning will make that early start a lot less daunting. Try picking out your clothes for the next day, lay them out so you can quickly change out of your cosy pj’s. Hopefully this will banish the incentive to get back into bed. You could even check the next days weather? That way you won’t be put off when you pull open the curtains to another gloomy January sky.

Becoming a Morning Person in 2019 - My ONLY New Year's Resolution
Look familiar?


Every non-morning person out there can relate to the piercing sound of the apple alarm. Why would hearing something so obtrusive ever make you want to get up and get going for the day? For a (very welcome) change in 2019 set your alarm to one of your favourite songs, that way you’ll be waking up singing along, maybe even dancing. Something bound to put you in a good mood for the rest of your day!

Plan your breakfast: and get excited about it!

Becoming a Morning Person in 2019 - My ONLY New Year's Resolution

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but more often than not it’s one I neglect, often finding myself swapping a good breakfast for unhealthy “elevenses”. Implementing a daily routine of having a good, filling breakfast is sure to give you a better start to the day. Plan something quick but more interesting than cornflakes, the trick here is having something to look forward to getting up and doing. A favourite of mine is bacon and fried egg on toast (not great for your cholesterol but a great get out of bed incentive). You might think pairing your breakfast with a big cup of coffee would be the ideal morning pick up but swapping to a smoothie could be better. The sugary boost and sound of your blender is sure to keep you alert.

Making it to those 9 am lectures:

When 9 ams seem difficult but your course mate (who’s definitely more of a morning person than you) wants to meet before SAY YES AND DON’T LET THEM DOWN. I owe a lot of my 9 am lecture attendance to one course mate in particular this year. Simply because I didn’t want to let down on a promise I’d made the day before. It’s easy enough to go back on promises to ourselves (much like keeping up with new year’s resolutions). Putting your motivations in fulfilling the expectations of your friends can actually be a really useful tool in becoming more of a morning person. If you struggle with lateness this could also be a great tip!

Sink or swim?

Understanding my own motivations towards becoming a morning person has made me more determined to keep this New Year’s resolution than ever…after all it’s the only one I’ve set myself to keep. Now that we’re almost halfway through January I’m happy to report so far so good and honestly, I feel so much better for it.

Becoming a Morning Person in 2019 - My ONLY New Year's Resolution

Its true what they say – the early bird really does catch the worm.