Practical Tips for Staying Positive

Practical Tips for Staying Positive

Got a bad mark on an assignment? Having an argument with a friend? Or just simply having a bad day? Negativity doesn’t always have to ruin your day. Staying positive is so important for your mental health– here’s how to do it…

I know it’s easier said than done. The advice to “Just cheer up,” sounds genuinely laughable. But finding the positives in bad situations can dramatically improve your outlook on life.
Even in a world where there is negativity flying around all the time, we can always find something good, even if we have to dig a little deeper sometimes…

Here are some suggestions that help me with staying positive…

Practical Tips for Staying Positive

Switch from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset:

‘Although people may differ in every which way – in their initial talents and aptitudes – everyone can change and grow through application and experience’

Carol Dweck

The Growth versus Fixed mindset has been increasingly researched by psychologists in order to help all types of people achieve their full potential. Okay, so I know this sounds like a bit of a psychology lesson, but stik with me…

  • The Fixed Mindset assumes that our character, intelligence and general ability is fixed, and therefore we can’t change or gain new skills. This mindset, therefore, causes us to believe that our failures define our existing abilities.
  • The Growth Mindset, however, thrives on challenges. It sees failure as an opportunity to grow as a person and enhance our existing abilities. A growth mindset means that you will always be looking for ways you can improve.

Overall, if you can start seeing the positives in failure and become proactive in dealing with these failures, you will always be improving and pushing yourself to your true potential.

Practical Tips for Staying Positive

Filter and Analyse Negative Thoughts:

The journey to achieving a growth mindset encounters a few obstacles, like negative thought spirals and overthinking. Sometimes, no matter what you do to try and stop this thought process, it seems almost impossible. Therefore, when you feel yourself thinking negative things, write them down.

When you are out of the cycle of negative thoughts, look at these thoughts in your rational state of mind and separate them into thoughts and facts. Most of the time, you will find that your thoughts are just simply, thoughts. For example, a negative thought such as ‘I always fail’, is obviously not true. There have been many times when you have succeeded, and so you know you can succeed again.

Therefore, separating thoughts from facts will help with negativity, and you will go from ‘always failing’ to ‘how can I learn from these failures?’


When things aren’t going so well, and you feel there is a never-ending spell of negativity in your life, take a few moments out of the day to think about the positives in your life. In particular, what you can be grateful for. After a while, this will become second nature and you will naturally start thinking about the positives in most bad situations. My go- to is to think about how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family I can rely on.

Practical Tips for Staying Positive

Talk it out:

Personally, I always call my best friend if I’m feeling down – she always helps me put things into perspective. Talking is the best remedy if you feel like you’re not yourself. Even if you feel like its not a big deal, you will always feel instantly better when its off your chest.


This might seem silly, but I always find that smiling not only makes myself feel better, but it also creates a happier environment in general. Staying positive is so important, and showing everyone your beautiful smile is guaranteed to make someone’s day. ?

Practical Tips for Staying Positive

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