A Nottingham Student’s Bucket List

A Nottingham Student’s Bucket List

We all want to make the most of our time at University. Before you know it some of the best 3 years of your life will have passed. Here’s a few key things to tick off the bucket list while you’re here…

Explore Campus

Campus isn’t just a place to attend lectures, it’s a hub for university life. At UoN you even have more than one campus to explore, so make sure you do! University Park Campus gives you landmark periodic buildings like Trent, woodland, lakes and gardens. Jubilee Campus contrasts this with its state-of-the-art contemporary architecture purpose built with environmental sustainability in mind. Then not to forget Sutton Bonington Campus, a little further out but nothing catching the hopper bus can’t solve! Here you’ll come across lime avenue, where each tree planted is said to have a ‘Queen’s Shilling’ buried under every tree. Who knows what other gems you’ll find.

A Nottingham Student’s Bucket List

Visit Wollaton Deer Park

Walking around the park is a perfect outlet for exam stress. Whilst also being home to a large cohort of deer Wollaton Hall makes a great afternoon out. If you’re lucky you may even spot a glimpse of Batman himself!

Attend Optional Lectures

Many faculties advertise optional lectures or ‘master classes’ open to students and academics. Attend one that looks interesting, even if its not in your chosen degree subject. You never know what you might learn.

A Nottingham Student’s Bucket List

Campus Bar Crawl

UoN has five campus bars dotted around halls of residence. Grab a group of mates, see if you can make it to all five then finish in Mooch for the final Hurrah!

Work or Get Involved on Campus

Student loan getting a bit tight? There’s nothing stopping you working flexibly around your studies. Try job listings, apply to UoN internships or investigate the scholarships offered by the Ingenuity Lab. There’s plenty to get involved in.

Picnic on The Downs

The downs in summer is THE place to be! Pack a picnic and enjoy sitting in the sun with your friends. Failing a picnic you could opt for a meal deal – question is, Boots or Spar?

A Nottingham Student’s Bucket List

Represent your sport at Varsity

Varsity is one of the most exciting sports events of the year. Getting involved with a sport has to make the bucket list, even if you’re just there to support. Just don’t forget to don green & gold…

Take a picture of you and your Dissertation

When you finally finish your dissertation, arguably the most defining element of your final year at university, make sure to commemorate it. There seems no better way than to take a picture of you holding your dissertation outside your faculty building. Make sure to come up with a funny caption if it does make the cut for Instagram. But please – be original.

Of course everybody’s university journey is different and there are PLENTY more things that could be added to this list. Nevertheless, for a nudge in the right direction start here and make memories that will last beyond graduation.