Unpopular Opinions: Uni Edition

Unpopular Opinions: Uni Edition

With around 50,000 students at the University of Nottingham there’s sure to be quite a few differing opinions flying about. Not just about whether ketchup goes in the fridge or cupboard… (definitely cupboard). Here’s a few unpopular opinions about University life. See which of these, if any, you agree with – you might even have a few of your own!

You don’t have to like clubbing

Although clubbing is a big part of University you really don’t need to go four times a week to prove you’re having a good time. It doesn’t make you boring, there are plenty other ways to have a good time. If you don’t like clubbing full stop that’s okay too. Sometimes a classy night of cocktails is all you need, or a few pints down the local.

Unpopular Opinions: Uni Edition

Have friends in lots of places

Often it’s easy to get stuck in a friendship bubble with your housemates. They become the foundation of your social life but you can have friends in other places! Don’t worry- this doesn’t mean you’re neglecting your housemates it just means you’re widening that circle. Surrounding yourself with lots of different people will enrich your life. Who doesn’t want to have lots of friends at University?

First year does count

Technically none of the hard work you put in will affect your classification but it will set you up for the years to come. Getting into a bad work ethic is harder to break out of than you think. If you let yourself get lazy now those habits will seep through further down the line. Planning on applying to internships in second year? Having good grades from first year will make a great impression! Work hard and take pride in the results you get.

Student living doesn’t have to be grim

Unpopular Opinions: Uni Edition

Just because you live in a ‘student house’ doesn’t mean it’s alright to let the dishes grow mould. It’s unhealthy and you don’t really have time to be ill. Plus the longer you leave cleaning up your own mess the worse it gets. No doubt your housemates will get cranky, fingers will start pointing and all of a sudden you’re landed with a complaint from your landlord. It’s really not worth losing your deposit over.

Low word limits are the worst

One that splits the crowd. Have you ever been set an essay with a 1000 word limit only to get feedback asking you to expand on your points? If only you’d had another 500 words to work with. Chances are if you’ve done thorough research you’ll want to show that off. A low word limit is really just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Unpopular Opinions: Uni Edition

There are plenty of controversies that could have made this list. Everyone’s list is probably different. But one of the biggest things to remember is you don’t always need to be having the time of your life. Or even act like you are. University is often labelled ‘the time of your life’ but the reality is University is tough. It’s okay to take a step back sometimes. Question whether you doing things that make you happy or are you conforming to a uni culture that just isn’t for you?

Unpopular Opinions: Uni Edition

Leah Smart

Student Lifestyle Writer. Leah studies Biology and writes a weekly article on student life in Nottingham.