Notts' Best Places to Celebrate Handing in your Dissertation

Notts’ Best Places to Celebrate Handing in your Dissertation

First of all congrats!! You’ve done it, all the long hours in the library fuelled by countless Boots meal deals really were worth it. Now, time to celebrate…here’s a list of the best places to celebrate handing in your dissertation in Nottingham;

Rose & Crown

There’s no way Rose & Crown wouldn’t be making it onto this list. It’s the pub that’s been there for you through thick and thin. The pub that drowned every diss-related sorrow…seems only right to grab a cold one and enjoy it stress free! No doubt you’ll bump into a whole stack of people here too. What better way to celebrate than chatting with mates, reminiscing over the last three years of uni. You’re bound to have an afternoon filled with laughs, pints and an embarrassing story or two – but what’s uni without all that?

Notts' Best Places to Celebrate Handing in your Dissertation

Crisis or Ocean!?

So, the big question will it be crisis or ocean? It’s a tough decision but you know what the best thing about handing in your diss is…you can do both!! If you’re a fan of clubbing there’s no doubt you’ll be hitting up one or both of these venues. It’s time for a blow out, especially if you’ve kept going out to a minimum while working hard perfecting your dissertation. If your time at uni is coming to an end, or you’re leaving Nottingham to continue studies elsewhere now’s the time to make the most of the little time you have left. Say yes to any and every post-diss plan you’re invited to, after all you’ve worked hard to get here.

Notts' Best Places to Celebrate Handing in your Dissertation

East Midlands Airport

This might seem a little extra but in my opinion it’s a completely rational response to handing in your dissertation. Not only is March weather a bit disappointing but you’re diss free! You’ve probably been cooped up in Hallward/George Green for the past three months stressing. So why not hop on the skylink to EMA and catch a flight somewhere even just for a long weekend? Just go for it no one is stopping you. Even if you can’t rally some friends or course mates to go with you, still go, just take yourself. There’s no better time to indulge in some independence and there’s definitely nothing wrong with travelling solo. Treat yourself x


For those of you that don’t know bunk, get-to-know for two very good reasons; wings & cocktails. An unbelievable combo that you really didn’t know was missing from your life until now. There are so many good reasons to celebrate handing in your dissertation at bunk. Its super student friendly, affordable and has the most Instagram worthy aesthetic (perfect for that post-diss upload). It’s also a great place for groups so rally your course mates, maybe dress up a little and sip the night away.

Notts' Best Places to Celebrate Handing in your Dissertation

Whatever you do to celebrate handing in your dissertation is a huge achievement. There’s no real celebration that will make you feel as good as pressing that submission button. Whether you’re lucky enough to be diss-free or still have a few weeks to go be proud of what you have accomplished at University and excited for what comes next.