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Meet the Team

Tyfy is made up of a small but dedicated team of staff; from volunteers to senior management everyone has a vital role to play in the running of the company.

The Management Team

The smart money says you need three main components to your senior management: someone who handles business, someone who manages marketing and someone who takes care of the tech. At Tyfy, we manifest this in our CEO James, Marketing Co-ordinator Emily and Technical Advisor Chris:

James Doherty – CEO

James founded Tyfy in June 2017 and since then has developed the company into a recognised software solution in the academic industry.

He handles day to day running of the business, client leads and networking – or, as we tend to refer to it: “Emily manages marketing, Chris manages tech, and James manages everything else.”

“I founded Tyfy because I realised that students were paying for an education that they were becoming increasingly less engaged with. We seek to help those students with a range of issues, from academic insecurity to their mental health, by enabling them to access support that matches 21st century demand.”

Emily Goodwin – Marketing Co-ordinator

Emily joined Tyfy in September 2018 and started the blog, which grew from nothing to a readership of 1-2000 students a month.

Now, she handles marketing, recruitment and research with a particular focus on how we can use Tyfy to improve student mental health.

β€œFor me, the most important aspect of Tyfy is the potential it has to reach out to every student in need of support. Especially the ones who may have previously fallen through the cracks in existing higher education systems. We want to improve student mental health by bringing students together and helping them help themselves.”

Chris Timson – Technical Advisor

Chris joined Tyfy in 2019 and brings with him 20 years of experience in web development, making him invaluable to the running of the company.

Since joining, Chris has begun work on transforming the website ready for our pending new update – stay tuned!

Events Team

The real heroes of the hour. Our events team spend hours on their feet handing out flyers, promoting Tyfy and campaigning to students in real time. Its a hard job, but absolutely necessary and their perfect execution is what makes it work.

Aisling Harrington Brown – Intern

Ash interns though the University of Nottingham careers service and contributes to all marketing activities.

Since joining Tyfy she’s gotten involved with the blog and events and has tons of great new ideas to bring to the table.

Leah Smart – Events and Lifestyle Writer

Leah studies at the University of Nottingham and contributes a weekly blog post as well as attending marketing events.

Since joining Tyfy she has helped build our readership by providing helpful content that students can relate to.

Marketing Team

Holly Botterill – Columnist and Marketing Contributor

Holly studies at the University of Nottingham and writes a weekly article on student self care.

She also contributes to market research and social media marketing for the company.

Blog Team

The blog is Tyfy’s most valuable marketing tool. It has helped us make great leaps in reaching students all over the country. Emily manages it, but none of this success would have been possible without our amazing writers. Each of them bring their own diverse sets of interests that help the blog appeal to every type of student.

Nma- Elietta Abdul – Advice Columnist

Nma – Elietta studies at Keele University and writes weekly article offering advice to first years.

Since joining Tyfy she has given advice on everything from student cooking to learning a language.

Rebecca Ford – Advice Columnist

Becky studies at Keele University and writes a weekly advice column for first years.

Since joining Tyfy she’s covered everything from dissertations to long distance relationships.

Frances Hannon – Graduate Writer

Frances graduated from the University of Nottingham and now writes a weekly column on life after University.

Having a graduate’s perspective on the blog adds an invaluable element to the advice we can give students.

Sophie Marjoram – Lifestyle Writer

Sophie studies at Keele University and writes a weekly column on the student experience.

She is particularly keen to talk about the effects of University on mental health, which is very important to the message we want to deliver.

Helen Rodgers- Careers Writer

Helen studies at the University of Nottingham and writes a weekly article on student careers.

Since joining Tyfy she has given advice on how best to balance a student and working lifestyle.

Harriet Swift – Careers Writer

Harriet Studies at the University of Nottingham and writes a weekly article on student careers and graduate employment.

Since joining Tyfy she has written about her own experience of internships and jobs to advise students on how to prepare for the world of work.

Dudley – Office Dog

Last but by no means least, Dudley is perhaps the most integral member of the Tyfy team.

He lives with Emily but visits the office to keep us all sane – he’s a lot better at boosting our morale than he is at posing for our photos.

Our team is always expanding and we’re always on the look out for new members. If you’d like to write for the blog, or have another idea of how you’d like to contribute, get in touch at We’re excited to hear from you!