Dual honours degrees: Why choose one?

Dual honours degrees: Why choose one?

I’ll start this by saying I love my degree. I don’t know what I want to do when I leave, so I love the flexibility of my degree. If you do know what you want to do, a major/minor degree might suit you more than dual honours. I’m studying English and Film Studies, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Here’s all the reasons I think dual honours degrees are great.


Having greater choice of modules meant I was able to avoid most exams. I only had two exams in my entire university career. Whilst your dual honours degree might not offer you that, it will offer you a greater amount of freedom. I was able to choose which degree subject I wanted to write my dissertation for.

Dual honours degrees: Why choose one?


I’ve met so many more wonderful people from taking a dual honours degree than I would have in a single subject. Not only have I got people to chat to in lectures, but I also get to see the world from so many different perspectives. As a writer, that’s a priceless opportunity.


Have you ever had a tutor you really didn’t get on with? One of the good things about taking two subjects is you can ask for advice from people who won’t necessarily know the other tutor well, and won’t just back up their collegue. It could be just feedback on an essay, or a more serious issue, but having many tutors and lecturers to talk to is so useful. It’s especially good when your tutor is busy and you need some quick advice.

Dual honours degrees: Why choose one?


Some degrees like media and film studies are still viewed by some older generations as ‘mickey mouse degrees’ so for me, taking a mix of traditionally academic, and creative courses allowed me to study what I enjoy whilst ensuring employability. employers seem to understand the transferable skills better when looking at core/traditional subjects


I’m a much better writer from having to study books and films, and my use of language is so much better. The essay skills you develop in English help with so many more subjects. Speed reading is also a really valuable skill. Whatever two subjects you choose, you’ll have skills that you use in both. Make sure to mention them in your CV.

Dual honours degrees: Why choose one?

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