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How sunny weather ruins productivity

With April (and global warming) giving us some some stunning weather, who wants to sit in the library and get work done? It seems rude to waste what little summer weather we get in the UK. Often we make the most of it when it does come…even if our productivity suffers.

The call of a beer garden

Like the true Brits we are, every hint of sun we get inspires us to drop everything and head to the nearest pub. Here in Nottingham, Rose and Crown calls us students and drags us away from revision. Whatever the time, whatever the day, if the sun is out, we’re in the beer garden. Day drinking is a recipe for disaster. Especially when you need to be productive. Still you happily write the whole day off with a couple pints. Drinking gives you the flavour. Before you know it you’ll be itching to go out as well. That’s tomorrow gone as well. Remember that deadline? Now it’s due tomorrow and you’ve yet to start it. But hey, it was worth it right?

George Green vs F.O.M.O.

When the sun is out, who wants to sit inside George Green and stare out the glass window at other people having fun? No one. You’d rather be outside having fun yourself. But with that deadline looming you must lock yourself away. To feel a little involved you find a nice seat with a view over campus. Sadly all that accomplishes is more procrastination. You catch yourself in a daydream, still only 250 words through your 3000 word essay.

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

Get your sunglasses on and head to Wollaton Park for a scenic walk and an ice cream. You tell yourself that you’ll do some work once the sun has gone in. Why waste the day when you can work in the evening? After all the library is 24 hr… But be honest with yourself, no work is getting done when you get home.

Although sitting in the sun feels great at the time, getting a 40 on your coursework won’t. The only way to be productive is to grab a course book a picnic blanket and lie in the park or your garden and read. Here’s hoping the weather holds out till the end of June.