The one thing you should do to be more organised

The one thing you should do to be more organised

You always see tips on how to be a more productive student and how to get things done. But you will quickly find that none of these work if you don’t have the foundations of organisation and preparation in place.

With all of your new-found independence at uni, amidst all of the fun you are having, you may soon find yourself suddenly suffocating under the piles of work you have left to the side and told yourself you will do later. More often than not the idea of tackling this mountain of work is a more daunting thought than completing it. With four (or more) modules, you just have no idea where to start. Of course, when you see ‘Organisation’ you immediately think of folders and binders, however, in this case, I’m going to suggest something else.

The one thing you should do to be more organised


It’s no good having binders and folders if you have no idea what work you are supposed to be completing. Having some sort of diary or journal will help you track what you have to do both academically and in your personal life.

You wanna spice it up a little, try starting a bullet journal.

A bullet journal has, personally, been a great way not only to track all of my academic tasks but also a way for me to track personal habits as well.

Plan your day out using your diary/journal

Now that you have your trusty journal before your day begins you should list down everything you want to achieve by the end of the day.


It is important that you don’t go overboard. Be realistic with the time you have and remember that you need to eat and sleep too! By planning out your days like this you can have an overview of your week. You will find that each day you do not have as many tasks to complete as you thought (and you can keep those stress levels to a minimum).

The one thing you should do to be more organised

Make sure you have an organisation system that works for you

Being organised is different for everyone. Some people like binders and folders and some can simply pile their papers up. The point is, you just need to find a system that works for you.

Top Tip: have a place where you can put all your academic things; papers, articles, books. This way if you’re looking for a particular thing you know that it will be somewhere in that place. Instead of searching through endless school-bags and notepads.

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