Why your parents visiting you at uni is actually the best

Why your parents visiting you at uni is actually the best

Moving away from home isn’t just a big change for you, your family adapt too. They’ll lay out one less plate at dinner time, and have to phone you for a catch up. You say you’ll be home often to visit but in practice it’s much more difficult. Between studies you don’t seem to have the time at the weekends…or often the money. Although they have jobs of their own, when parents find the time to come visit its the best thing ever! Here’s a few reasons why…

They’re always happy to see you and have lots of family gossip

Why your parents visiting you at uni is actually the best

Of course they’ve missed you! Visiting you is probably the highlight of their week. Your parents will fuss over you to no end, you may feel a little embarrassed in front of your friends but deep down it’s nice to feel looked after again. Then comes the catch up! A light chat of how everyone’s doing which then leads inevitably to the family gossip. Who’s getting married, who’s pregnant it’s hard to keep up! Especially when you hear the names of family members you’ve not seen since you were six. Still you nod along.

They’ll tell you you’re their favourite child

…unless your siblings visit too. As we’ve all heard parents don’t have favourites but let’s be honest they must have an inclination one way or the other. With your siblings at home you’ll get to spend the time having your parents all to yourself! They’ll no doubt tell you what your siblings have been up to and roll their eyes at their bad school report from the other day. This doesn’t count for the “only child” scenario but you guys can be confident knowing you ARE the favourite child.

Why your parents visiting you at uni is actually the best

They will treat the heck out of you

Your parents will take pity on the emptiness of your cupboard and probably bring with them a hamper of food with a few luxuries they know you can’t afford. If you’re lucky you might even be treated to an entire Asda food shop! Your cupboard will be transformed, and no doubt your housemates will be eyeing up your truffle tortellini pasta. You plan to take your parents out to all your favourite places in town but really you’re the one getting taken out. It seems parents have an unspoken rule that not a single penny of your student loan should be used while they’re up. It’s hard to know whether that’s because of their poor opinion of your finance habits or just wanting to treat you. Maybe it’s a mix of both?

You get to be a tour guide

Having lived in your respective city for a year or years now you know your way around. Taking your parents out and about to see the sights is your chance to show off how well accustomed you’ve become. You immediately know where to go for dinner, which shops your mum will love and the best pub for your dad. They’re already proud of you but there’s nothing better than seeing you thriving away from home.

Why your parents visiting you at uni is actually the best

Cure homesickness

University can seem very big and lonely a lot of the time. Especially if you get homesick and live further than what’s easily convenient. Having your parents visit brings a little bit of home to campus which alleviates some stress and anxiety.

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