Ways to make summer productive

Ways to make summer productive

It can be easy to go through the summer doing nothing, but if you want to be productive, here’s some things you can do.

Get an internship

Fancy topping up your CV or learning some new skills? Spending your summer in an internship is a great way to gain experience and making connections. Not all of them are paid, but if you’re living at home then you don’t have to worry about paying for rent or food.


Volunteering is a great use of your spare time over summer, it looks great on your CV and is a good way to give back. Whether it’s a morning in an Oxfam bookshop, running fundraisers or collecting signatures in the street, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something over the summer.

Ways to make summer productive

Spend time with friends

This is the second most important one. Spend time with as many friends as possible both at home and visiting your uni friends. Fill your summer with interesting people and plenty of sight seeing.

Read something you enjoy

This is especially for all you fellow English Lit students. Read a book that you want to read, rather than all the ones you’ve been forced to read all year. I find that rereading a book a really love reminds me why I’m studying English in the first place.

Ways to make summer productive

Concentrate on your health

This involves mental and physical health. Give yourself time to take stock of how you’re feeling. See your doctor about an aches, pains or migraines you’ve been ignoring all year. Ease yourself into some gentle exercise like a long walk or a swim. Up your fruit and veg, and try to eat more fibre from whole grains and veggies like kale.

Stop and think about your mental heath. Do you feel anxious? Panicked? Down? Allow yourself to understand how you feel and take steps to care for your self. Some self care can be aesthetic, like a face mask, early night or that piece of cake you’re craving. Other self care can be a bit harder, like seeing a therapist or forcing yourself out of bed on a bad day.

Celebrate every success and try not to dwell on days that doesn’t go so well. Treat every day like a new day.

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Ways to make summer productive

Rebecca Ford

Student Advice Writer. Rebecca studies English at Keele University and writes a weekly advice column for First Years.

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