Why it's okay if Uni doesn't live up to your expectations

Why it’s okay if Uni doesn’t live up to your expectations

A change of heart is more common than you might think when it comes to your University experience. Maybe you don’t like your course, your campus, or maybe you’ve decided University isn’t for you at all. Whether you decide to change your situation or not, it’s important to remember that there’s lots of options, and it’s also okay if Uni doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. Few things do.

If you decide you want a change

Transferring University

Why it's okay if Uni doesn't live up to your expectations

It’s perfectly understandable if the Uni you started the semester at is no longer where you want to be. You probably visited no more than three or four times before you made the move, and the likelihood is that in the year you’ve been there you’ve grown up a lot. Maybe you’ve grown away from what you used to want. The good news is that transferring University is easier than you’d think. Usually you’ll have to reapply through UCAS, explaining why you want to make the move. Lots of Universities require you to start again from first year, so its definitely worth considering whether you’re willing to do that. The first step, however, would be to contact the University you want to transfer to and find out their policy.

Switching Course

If you’re anything like me, you picked your course based on whichever A level subject you did the best in. Its perfectly rational, but maybe you’re sick of Shakespeare and want to try your hand at law instead. I know people going into their third year who are still unsure what course they’re most interested in. Talk to your tutors, and weigh up your options.

Why it's okay if Uni doesn't live up to your expectations

Dropping out

As much as I personally believe your education is more than worth sticking it out for, there really is no shame if you decide University just isn’t for you. No one is going to judge you, and from apprenticeships to the world of work, there’s plenty of other options for you. You could also take a gap year and re-evaluate how you feel afterwards- maybe you just need some time to yourself.

Why it's okay if Uni doesn't live up to your expectations
Remember the grass is always greener

If you don’t want to change

…Or you can’t. I get it. I’ve recently been very tempted to transfer Universities, but the course I wanted to move onto happened to be full. Call it what you will: fate, the popularity of English Literature or just bad luck, but the fact is, I’m stuck where I am. As disheartening as it might feel, everything really does happen for a reason. You might meet your soulmate in third year, or you might suddenly find a new love for your subject. And, even if you don’t, if worst comes to worst you can do what I do: think of your time at Uni as a means to an end. You’ll get your degree and then you’re free to go wherever you want. I plan to study a masters in the city I originally wanted to transfer to. There’s no shame in waiting a while – you might even be better prepared.

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Why it's okay if Uni doesn't live up to your expectations

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