Reducing Exam Season Stress

Reducing Exam Season Stress

For most of us, exam season is right around the corner. Whether you’re in first year and still getting used to the uni exam system, or sitting your final exam season, you will definitely be feeling the pressure. Here are some ways to prepare yourself and avoid the stress (if that’s possible!)

Know your revision limits

At the beginning of the revision period when I’m condensing notes it is easy to fill 8 hours, but when it comes down to actually memorising it’s a lot less. Realistically, when learning content I can only take it in for 4 or 5 hours. While some of us can sit for 8+ hours a day and continue to take in information, others will hit 2 hours and be done. Make sure you know your limit and try not to go beyond it. Sometimes it will stress you out even more because you know you aren’t taking anything in.

Take breaks

On a normal uni day, how much time do you spend doing nothing? The answer is probably too much, but my point is, if we take breaks on normal days, why don’t we in the exam period? It’s usually the little voice in your head, but sometimes you just need to ignore it. Taking breaks actually makes you more productive because you’re giving your brain a rest – it needs time to process everything!

Reducing Exam Season Stress

Use past papers

If your lecturer posts past papers on Moodle it’s for a reason. They can give you insight into what to expect in the actual exam. Doing a timed past paper at home gives you a good idea about how much you can actually write, and can also identify gaps in your knowledge. Even if you just bullet point answers, it can act as a great revision tool.

Get comfortable

There are two types of people, the library goers and those who stay at home. I’m definitely the latter. I find the library an intense environment, and I prefer to stay at home in my pjs where the snacks are! Experiment with revising in the library and staying at home and you’ll find one you prefer (or maybe you’ll like a bit of both). Finding a place were you feel comfortable is so important at such a stressful time.

Reducing Exam Season Stress

Use Tyfy!

Someone will have done the same module as you and can answer your questions, and if you’re a business school student, Tyfy can help you find them. Plus, everything is done through your phone, meaning it won’t disrupt your revision at all! If you’d like to use Tyfy but you’re not a student at NUBS fill out this form and we’ll see what we can do!


Whatever happens, you are so much more than the grades you get. Good luck!

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Reducing Exam Season Stress

Holly Botterill

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