3 of the best ways to earn whilst you learn

3 of the best ways to earn whilst you learn

Lack of money at uni drives students to extreme measures to earn enough for basic necessities. After filling out the umpteenth survey for less than a pound, having your YouTube subscriber count plateau before double digits and realising that going to the sperm bank perhaps isn’t for you, it can dawn on you how hard it is to actually earn whilst you learn.

This post is about ways you can earn on the side at uni to afford Crisis. (Without having too much of an existential one:)

3 of the best ways to earn whilst you learn

Ad hoc

For students who are really only looking for a small amount of money to earn whilst they learn every now and then, ad hoc jobs are perfect and it’s surprising how many are available at uni. 

At The University of Nottingham, CeDEx is a research group that emails students asking them to participate in ~1 hour long tasks in exchange  for money; the tasks typically evaluate how the mind works and are based on decision-making. Other ad hoc jobs that pay slightly more include being a student ambassador for the university or rep for uni clubs.

3 of the best ways to earn whilst you learn


Many universities will offer internships throughout autumn, spring and summer. I’m a Marketing Intern and earn a decent amount for completing marketing work alongside my studies (though I didn’t realise it would be paid – I applied for the experience). Although these often require a hefty application process, they not only provide a valuable learning experience but also great content for your CV.

Internships offered by your university are typically a lot better than those offered outside of university because they will likely be flexible and operate around your studies, ensuring that it’s possible to complete it and earn some extra cash alongside your degree.

For students at UoN you can read more about the Nottingham Internship Scheme here, or read about all the benefit of summer internships.

3 of the best ways to earn whilst you learn

Teaching English abroad

This is a great one for the holidays if you can spare a couple of weeks out of exam revision. Teaching English is constantly in demand and there are always an abundance of opportunities for it – Tefl.org is a great site to find them. I recommend getting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification; I got mine over summer and it only took a weekend to complete the course.

This allows you to apply to the opportunities on offer on the website and travel to the likes of Hong Kong, Italy, Romania etc. to teach English. You can filter the searches down and only apply to places that offer accommodation alongside pay. Some institutions will even pay for travel.

Getting a TEFL qualification is a bit pricey, so you don’t necessarily have to do that to teach English abroad. Often times being a native speaker in the language is enough to land you jobs. Just make sure you’re applying on trustworthy websites!

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3 of the best ways to earn whilst you learn

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