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How to manage returning from studying abroad

Coming home from a year or a semester abroad can be just as overwhelming as going. You’ve missed quite a lot of time at your home uni, plus you’re missing the places you were and the people you met there. I’ve written about everything from getting ready to study abroad to what to do when things are perhaps not as great as everyone says they are. Here are some of the best ways to settle back into your home uni whilst not forgetting your time away.

Talk about your time abroad

Although you’ll feel like you are boring people, talking about your time abroad really helps you to appreciate the experience. Whether you talk to your friends and family, the people you met there, or write about it like I do on this blog, you’ll find yourself remembering things you had forgotten about. For instance, writing about my best bits made me think about some of my favourite memories.

Stay in touch with your friends

You meet so many incredible people when you are abroad, and staying in touch with them is great because you shared the same experiences! You’ll find that you stay up to date with people in different ways. For example, I have a friend in the US that I write to! Staying in touch can be anything from replying to their Instagram story every once in a while, or meeting up with them when you are all in a similar part of the world. Because you spent you time abroad with them, you’ll all be able to reminisce together.

Get involved with your uni

Your uni will have various ways for you to get involved with the study abroad community. Pre-departure conferences, presentation and general question answering are great ways to do this. By getting involved you can share your knowledge with the people who are about to start their adventure! You can even expand beyond your uni and look for other places you can help out. Writing for Tyfy has been great, because it has let me share my experiences and memories.

Make plans to go back

If you spent a significant amount of time in one place, you are likely to want to go back! If it’s within your budget and you have the time, make plans with your exchange pals to go back to where you all met. I can’t wait to do this one day.

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