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How to deal with the graduation blues

Finishing uni is so exciting. You’ve worked hard for a number of years and you’re about to finally enter the world of work. However, you are also leaving the safety net of uni and the ‘status’ of being a student. As great as graduating is, it’s not unusual to also feel completely lost. Coming from someone who is graduating with no post-uni plans, the graduation blues are real. Here are some of the ways I’ve been dealing with them.

Keep Busy

I’ve found that keeping busy and having plans have helped keep my mind of the fact that uni is actually over. Personally, I have been back to Nottingham a few times and it’s been lovely to see the city from another perspective. If you live hours away from your uni town and visiting frequently isn’t an option, try and find things to do in your own town. You’ve been away for a few years and things will have changed. Plus, if you are moving back home for good, you’ll need to know where all the hotspots are!

Stay in touch with your friends

One of the worst things about finishing uni is the fact that you will be away from the people you’ve spent the last 3+ years with. It may seem obvious, but make sure you stay in touch with them! You are inevitably all going to be dotted around the country (or even the world), which makes meeting up difficult, but make sure you check in sometimes. Perhaps try and organise a final get together this Summer, before everyone goes their own separate ways.


You will have made some incredible memories during your time at uni, and you don’t want to forget these. I’ve mentioned the app Freeprints before, but I love it so much I’ll mention it again. Throughout uni I printed all of my pictures, and when I got home for Summer I stuck them all in a scrapbook that I can just look back at. It’s a really lovely way to remember my uni experience.

Look into the future

You might have an amazing grad scheme, or be taking a year out to travel. Even if you don’t have a solid plan yet, there future is really exciting! One of the best ways to overcome the graduation blues is to feel proud of what you’ve achieved at uni. It can be hard to admit, but it’s time to move onto a new chapter.