How to enjoy summer on minimal funds

How to enjoy summer on minimal funds

If you don’t fancy a job, or have one that doesn’t pay all that much, summer can be boring. Here are some things you can do that are low cost, or even free.

Explore a museum

Museums are free, and you can feel a bit more cultured from learning about something new. Museums are constantly changing exhibits so there’s always something new to see. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours, especially with the weather as rubbish as it has been.

Have a picnic 

How to enjoy summer on minimal funds

If you can nab some bread and filling from home then a picnic is a free way to hang out with friends at lunch time. Even splitting the cost of a loaf of bread and some chicken is relatively cheap if there’s a few of you. If you’re like me, there’s plenty of parks around that everyone uses to picnic in, and you can spend a day chatting and people watching. For nostalgia’s sake, see who has a frisbee lying around and have a tournament.

Movie marathon 

If you or a friend already pay for a streaming service then perfect. If not, why not sign up for a free month of Netflix over the summer. Invite your friends round and make popcorn. Bags of kernels usually cost around the same as a box of microwave popcorn but make a lot more. Drizzle on some butter and sugar (or salt) and your low cost night is sorted. 

How to enjoy summer on minimal funds

Pot luck dinners 

Want a nice meal but can’t afford to go out? Arrange a pot luck dinner where everyone brings a dish, and you all try a bit. Try theming the evening to feel more like a meal out. Lots of food for a small cost per person is always a good plan.

I find that the best things to do over summer can be made super cheap. Bonus points if you can get your friends to drive you places! Let me know any of your favourite cheap things to do with friends.

How to enjoy summer on minimal funds

Rebecca Ford

Student Advice Writer. Rebecca studies English at Keele University and writes a weekly advice column for First Years.

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