The best and worst parts of being a student

The best and worst parts of being a student

It’s really easy to complain about being a student (student living is tough) but believe it or not there are actually some good parts:

Best: Living independently

Going from College or Sixth Form where you were treated like a high school kid to deciding whether or not you feel like getting up for your 9 am; eating pizza every night of the week (even though you hate it) just because you can; not having to worry about what time you get home in case you wake your little brother up. Nothing quite beats the feeling of being able to live exactly as you please.

Worst: Losing out on home comforts

But, is it just me who secretly misses her mum? Or meals that didn’t come from the microwave or the Chinese takeaway? Dry towels? Free TV? It’s amazing the stuff you take for granted. And all the student recipes, tips for living with flatmates and Netflix in the world don’t quite make up for the feeling of home.

The best and worst parts of being a student

Best: Student discounts and cheap beer

Spotify Premium for half the price? Three for two VK’s? Vouchers for free pizza? Student living really does have its perks. Three years of your life with pretty much everything discounted should not be taken for granted – you’ll miss that 10% when its not there.

Do also remember: you don’t have to participate in the stereotypical Uni culture of drinking and living off fast food to enjoy it just as much.

Worst: Still having no money

I hate to break it to you, but: you’re still broke. If (like pretty much everyone) you’re struggling to make your student loan stretch, trying to make one bag of pasta last the whole week, you’re probably going to have to look into ways of making some extra cash. Whether its internships, part time jobs or something a little different – they’re not actually that bad!

The best and worst parts of being a student

Best: Learning something you love

If you’re lucky enough to be doing a degree in a subject you enjoy, Uni rarely feels like a chore. Okay, so that’s a straight up lie – Uni almost always feels like a chore. But being a student means you’re probably quite smart, and being at Uni is only going to make you smarter. Once you’ve got your degree, no one can take it away from you, and that makes it worth it.

Worst: The studying

Ugh. Late nights in the library, enough coffee to sink a ship and permanent bags under your eyes are never ideal. Check out some of our study tips if you’re still battling through the last of your exams, and if you’re waiting for results, hang in there!

The best and worst parts of being a student

Ultimately, being a student can sometimes feel like the worst. But really, it is the best – we should enjoy it whilst it lasts.

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The best and worst parts of being a student

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