The best spots at Nottingham Uni

The best spots at Nottingham Uni

I’m probably hugely biased, but I think that the University of Nottingham has one of the most gorgeous campuses ever! If you’re currently studying at Notts, are coming in September or even just visiting, here are some of the best (and most insta-worthy) spots to check out.

The best spots at Nottingham Uni

1. The Lake

I find it so hard to believe that there is literally a LAKE on University Park. This is probably one of Nottingham’s most iconic spots. It is where countless dissertation/end of uni photoshoots take place, and for good reason – it’s beautiful! In the Summer you can hire boats or take a stroll around the lake, and with the Trent Building as your backdrop, it’s stunning.

2. The Millennium Garden

Situated behind the Conference Centre and the Law Building, this is a hidden gem. I actually came across it by accident in first year when a friend and I were lost! It has fountains, bridges and sculptures, and is definitely worth visiting (or stumbling upon by accident).

The best spots at Nottingham Uni

3. The Downs

Placed right in the middle of campus, The Downs are part of the daily commute for those living in the halls that surround it. The Downs have always astounded me. The (very few) times I have walked through them I’ve found myself stopping to admire the view. The Downs is also one of the best places on campus to watch the sunset on a Summer evening, and is just generally a lovely place to go and relax.

4. Jubilee Campus

Again, I might be slightly biased as I studied on Jubilee, but I think it’s definitely one of the nicest parts of the uni. Uni Park is vast, green and gorgeous, and Jubilee is just so different. It’s much smaller than UP, which makes it easy to get to know. All of the buildings are super modern and the architecture is really cool (plus, we also have a lake). If you’re on UP and have never visited Jubilee you should definitely take a walk or jump on the hopper bus over – it’s worth it.

The best spots at Nottingham Uni

5. The Nottingham Sign

Another popular end of uni photoshoot spot is the Nottingham Sign, and understandably so as it’s a pretty unique thing to have on campus. As it’s on the hill by the North entrance it’s hard to miss!

The best spots at Nottingham Uni

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