Why you should stick around University over summer

Why you should stick around University over summer

As soon as the spring term comes to a close, most of us are quick to move back home. It’s the chance to relax with family and friends after the stress of exam period. Initially this is all you could ask for but sometimes the novelty wears off a little. When you’re so used to living independently in your university city it’s not uncommon to feel out of place. So why not stick around your university over summer?

I’m not saying don’t go home at all, but University summer is long – just think about popping back a few times and relishing that independence again when you need it most. Here’s a few benefits of sticking around campus this summer;

Earn some coin

Why you should stick around University over summer

With summer rent to pay and holidays to fund most of us will be looking for somewhere to work. Flexibility is key! One of the easiest ways to get flexible, well paid short term work is through your university. Over summer popular jobs include cleaning duties in halls, stewarding at graduation events and filling in at the various retail spots on campus. Many of these spots prioritise student applicants and offer holiday pay on top of a competitive wage.

Hit the gym

If you’ve got a university gym membership chances are you aren’t going to make the most of it sat at home. This means you’re missing out on up to three months of membership while still paying for it!? A great way to make the most of what you’ve paid for and keep in shape this summer is stick at the gym while visiting campus. If the gym isn’t your vibe the sports facilities can always offer something else. While most students have moved back home, now is the perfect time to try out some classes you might not have tried before! They’ll be quieter and you’re more likely to get one on one support. There’s also pool facilities to make the most of as the summer weather heats up.

Why you should stick around University over summer

Take time for you

After months of living away from home, doing your own thing and cooking for yourself moving back into your parents house can strip away a lot of your independence. Often this is frustrating, you’ve got into your own habits that might not mix as well with your parents. You’re also bound to notice the difference of living with your friends 24/7! It’s okay to miss this and even more okay to move back to uni for a bit to regain some balance.

Get ahead

Why you should stick around University over summer

There’s nothing better than being prepared for your next year of study. Yes we all want a proper relax over summer but if you’ve got access to reading lists a little browse of the content really won’t hurt. If you think about it, 4 months of summer leaves plenty time to fall out of a good work ethic. It’s too easy for the knowledge you’ve built up over the year to leak away. Keep your brain active and you’ll find it easier to get back into work come September. If you’re going into third year chances are you’ll have a rough idea of what your dissertation will be on. A little reading here and there will put you in a good position for that first meeting with your supervisor.

Sticking around university a little this summer could be the perfect compromise between maintaining independence and enjoying the comforts of home. Not to mention you’ll be making the most of paying summer rent! There’s plenty to keep you busy and motivated so why not mix your routine up a little?

Why you should stick around University over summer

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