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5 of the best student blogs you need to follow

There’s thousands of student blogs out there, each with something unique to offer, but here’s 5 of my personal favourites. Disclaimer: this isn’t an ad, they’re really just that good.


‘Well duh,’ I hear you say, ‘Of course she thinks her blog is the best’. And, okay, so I’m a little biased – but it really is! Tyfy’s blog is written for students, by students and covers everything you can think of: from mental health advice to revision hacks to how to get a job when you graduate. But if you’re reading this now, you probably already new that. You can keep up to date with all out latest posts by liking our Facebook Page or following our Instagram. And if you fancied giving writing a go yourself, you can get in touch with me at Now, self advertisement over, here’s the rest of the list…

5 of the best student blogs you need to follow

Student Minds

By now you’ve probably realised I am big on positive mental health, and Student Minds is where it started! The Student Minds blog covers everything from self care tips to exam results, from information on mental heath issues to life as an lgbt+ student. It’s a great source of information and support and really helps you learn how to check in with yourself every now and then! Must follow.

The Tab

Okay, so not really a blog, but student journalism wouldn’t be student journalism without The Tab. Lots of Unis have their own specific version (but you’re not limited if your Uni doesn’t) and its great for catching up on the latest campus gossip/ lighthearted relief from the daily grind. Whether you want to know which Love Island boy you’d couple up with, or want to see who’s been featured on 2019 Graduation’s Best Dressed list, The Tab is the place to go!

5 of the best student blogs you need to follow

The Student Food Project

Say goodbye to pesto pasta and cold beans on toast, The Student Food project is my go – to for affordable, easy and student-friendly recipes. Even though I’m generally acknowledged to be the worst cook in the world, I’ve found some recipes here that even I can master. Without getting food poisoning. Bonus: they even have tips on how to stop your flatmates stealing your food! Essential for when your orange juice tends to disappear under mysterious circumstances.

UCAS blogs

UCAS is just that boring thing you used to get into Uni right? Wrong! UCAS is actually super useful after you get in. It’s one of my favourites because its an official organisation. This means its a great source of trustworthy information on everything from life as an international student to what to do if you don’t get the grades you wanted. Perfect if you need pointing in the right direction.

5 of the best student blogs you need to follow

So, now you have your list of the best student blogs, you should really go and check them out. Happy reading! And in the meantime, you might also enjoy some of these:

5 of the best student blogs you need to follow

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