How to kit out your Uni house for cheap!

How to kit out your Uni house for cheap!

One of the most exciting things about university life is being able to redesign your room with each new uni house. Unfortunately, this isn’t always wallet friendly and as students we’re always looking for ways to save some coin. I scour pinterest just as much as the next person looking for inspiration – here’s a few ways to kit out your student digs for cheap!

Check what you already have at home

How to kit out your Uni house for cheap!

There’s absolutely no point buying new stuff if you have things at home you can ‘borrow’ (steal). This is not the time to get precious over matching crockery – it’s only going to get smashed a week or two down the line anyway. So have a good rummage through your parents cupboards and see if there’s anything they’re happy to part ways with, just don’t guarantee it will make it back in one piece. This tip is particularly useful for kitchen items but if you’ve got hoards of spare fitted sheets in the airing cupboard don’t buy new!

Hit charity shops – FIRST

When you’re ready to branch out to shops always always go to charity shops first. There’s nothing worse than spending £10 on a shower caddy in sainsbury’s to later stumble across one for 70p in a local charity shop. The tip is don’t go in looking for something specific. You’ll find odd cooking utensils, picture frames, maybe even a microwave or toaster if you’re lucky! Snatch up the bargains when you can. A good time to go is always end of July/August when final years are moving out of their uni house for the last time. One man’s trash is another man’s goals.

How to kit out your Uni house for cheap!

Avoid big stores

As August and September draw nearer the big department stores aim their homewear promotion at students. Often they sell starter pack deals promising everything you’ll need at a competitive price. While this is pretty convenient, if you shop around you’re bound to save more money. These starter packs make for very good inspiration though! Draft up a list of things you need and pick up the pieces as you go. Avoid big stores and aim for the likes of b&m, poundstretcher and wilkos.

Fairy lights, Fairy lights, Fairy lights

So you’ve followed all these tips but your room is still looking a little dull, a tad unfinished and nowhere near good enough for a pinterest board. One solution; fairy lights! It doesn’t matter where in the house or how many you put up. Any room is instantly lifted by drapings of fairy lights. Plus they won’t break the bank and can be found literally anywhere.

How to kit out your Uni house for cheap!

There’s a few ways to think about kitting out your student digs a bit smarter this year. Just think – all the money you save decorating your house can now be spent on jager bombs in the SU later.

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How to kit out your Uni house for cheap!

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