First year: expectations vs reality

First year: expectations vs reality

First Year isn’t always what you expect, but it’s still pretty great…

Fancy first year student digs

Expectation: You’re finally getting out of your parent’s house. Free to stay out as late as you like, eat whatever you want and generally live in the lap of luxury.

Reality: Your shower cuts out every 60 seconds, the kitchen is perpetually messy and you spend unreasonable amounts of time arguing over who’s turn it is to buy toilet roll. Also, you miss your mum.

But you wouldn’t have it any other way. You spend most nights huddled up in one of your housemate’s rooms laughing about the relative filth you live in.

First year: expectations vs reality

Meeting ‘the one’

Expectation: You meet the love of your life at your very first lecture, in a meet cute straight out of a romantic comedy. You live out all your High School Musical fantasies (better late than never) and live happily ever after.

Reality: 90% of the people you meet will be either taken or gross. You’re probably the only single person in your flat, making you the … 7th wheel? You may or may not have developed a devastating crush on your neighbour.

But still, being single isn’t all bad, at least you don’t have to wait for someone else before you watch the next episode of Stranger Things.

First year: expectations vs reality

Partying like you’re the Wolf of Wall Street

Expectation: You spend every night body surfing through the club, downing shots and throwing £10 notes about like confetti. You can suddenly dance like Patrick Swayze and hangovers don’t exist.

Reality: Your student loan will not stretch as far as you think and the campus SU probably sucks. “Please, no more alcohol” – you, halfway through Fresher’s.

But hey, you’ll come away with plenty of funny stories from first year nights out. And no one cares that you can’t dance. Plus – not everyone drinks at Uni anyway. Seriously. It’s allowed.

First year: expectations vs reality

Being happy all the time

Expectation: Before you head off to Uni, everyone you know is going to tell you it will be the best time of your life. You may start with first year with the dream of acing all your classes, making tons of friends and being happy all the time – straight away.

Reality: The reality for most people is usually different. Yes, you will make friends and, if you study hard, you’ll do well. But that might not happen straight away. The point is, don’t feel discouraged if it takes you a while to settle in. And remember – it’s normal to feel down sometimes, it doesn’t mean you’re failing.

First year: expectations vs reality

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First year: expectations vs reality

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