Where to spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham

Where to spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham

Refreshers. The time you’re happy to be reunited with your mates and the city of Nottingham, but sad you’re also reunited with a term of long library hours and studies. It’s not quite the same as when you went out in a toga, or spent hours trying to get glitter out of your hair, but it’s a good excuse to have an action-packed week. With so much on offer in the city, we’ve compiled a list of ways you could spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham.

At a Nottingham bar

We had to start here.

Your freshers might be occupied by clubs, but bars are ready for your refreshers. Nottingham has some of the best, student friendly bars in the country. 400 Rabbits, Tilt, Pepper Rocks, Calluna, Bunk, Secret Garden, and, for those who don’t mind spending a bit more money, Hockley Arts Club and Boilermaker, are all exciting, hidden bars you can explore.

Hit those happy hours and make a cocktail crawl out of it to reproduce a (possibly) classier pub crawl from first year.

Where to spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham

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At a Nottingham restaurant

It’s a good opportunity for you and your housemates to ditch cooking and washing up for a night.

Nottingham boasts a brilliant restaurant scene, from chain restaurant national gems to hidden gems (literally) in the wall.

If you’re wanting burgers, Annie’s Burger Shack is a classic (and has a tavern underneath the restaurant for post-burger drinks). For pizza, Oscar and Rosie’s and Happy Dough Lucky are good shouts. Calcutta club is great for Indian, and Zaap Thai for Thai. Yamas, Meze & Tapas for Greek, Petit Paris for French, the list goes on…just meander through the streets off Old Market Square and you’re bound to find a great place to eat.

Where to spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham

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Experiencing Nottingham’s night entertainment

Let’s quickly clear up the ambiguous meaning of ‘night entertainment.’ I’m talking about the comedy clubs, jazz bars and pub quizzes.

Pelican Club is a jazz bar and restaurant and great for a chilled evening with mates. To top off this triple threat, it has a big, glowing pelican on the wall – great for photo opportunities.

It’s likely the nearest pub to your student home will hold pub quizzes. Malt Cross, BrewDog and the tavern under Annie’s Burger Shack are also all known to offer them regularly.

Where to spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham

Doing an activity in town

Nottingham has the best escape rooms in the country – what better way to resume university than robbing a bank?

Golf is also fun (and cheaper) to do, either on the University campus or at Corner House. There’s also laser tag, board game cafes, bouldering / rock climbing and planet bounce. Nottingham even has a Kitty Cafe!!

Exploring Ikea counts as an activity too, right?

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Where to spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham

At home

Literally, you might want to spend Refreshers week in Nottingham, not even in Nottingham, but at your family home, making the most of your time with them.

Or, have a chilled week watching films, holding fajita nights and vegging out at the student house before the alarms for your 9ams start to ring…

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Where to spend your Refreshers Week in Nottingham

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