Fresher's week survival guide

Fresher’s week survival guide

Your first defining week at university; Freshers! Its what some look forward to most when starting uni and what others may dread the most. Whichever way you sway, here’s a few tips to ensure your fresher’s week survival.

Pack the essentials

Preparing for freshers week always starts with what to pack. Aside from the obvious (clothes, lamp and a bottle of Smirnoff) there’s a few essentials that will make or break your freshers week. Yes, it’s that serious! First and foremost is an extensive medical kit. You’ll need a plethora of plasters, ibuprofen, antiseptic creams and most importantly cold and flu tablets. You will get freshers flu, there’s absolutely no doubt about it!

The next essential is something I learned all too late. But for you lucky few here’s a pearl of wisdom – Dioralyte. Let’s not jump to conclusions here, it’s not what you think it’s for. Dioralyte is the secret to a hangover free night out! Perfect for freshers week. Most hangover symptoms are a result of dehydration, but with Dioralyte and a glass of water on hand you’ll never have to worry again!

Fresher's week survival guide

Know your limits

Entering freshers week having never drunk before often ends badly. You don’t know your limits and you’re more likely to go too far. Taking it slowly in a familiar setting like home a few weeks before uni can help you gauge how much your body can take. Remember everyone reacts differently so go at your own pace. This is a rule even seasoned drinkers forget. The excitement of freshers can make you more competitive or more likely to show off which could land you in trouble later. Know your limits and everyone can have a good night out. And if you don’t want to drink, that’s okay too – there’s no rule that says you have to.

Take a night off

Just because there’s a social every night doesn’t mean you have to go every night! Its expensive and it’s probably going to leave you exhausted and ill. Take one night off maybe mid week to recuperate or join in on one of the more sober socials on the calendar. By this point in the week you’ll hopefully have made a few good mates. Get to know them better (without the jager bombs and vodka lem’s).

Fresher's week survival guide

Find a solid group of friends

Of course this is what people fear the most about fresher’s week – making friends. The simplest bit of advice is everyone’s in the same position! Keep it casual and get to know the people living next to you first then branch out. It’s a good idea to have a small solid group for the first week, people that you feel comfortable going out with. There’s no need to limit yourself to them and only them further down the line. Join societies, make friends there, get to know your course mates and still have your flat mates to come home to.

Take pictures

Freshers week is one of the defining moments of first year and you’re going to want to remember it! So don’t be too shy to take loads of photos of pretty much everything you get up to. You know your mum’s going to want to see pictures of all your new friends, fancy dress outfits for socials and terrible home cooked meals as well. Plus those halls walls are going to be looking pretty bare if you don’t cover them with at least a handful of pictures.

Fresher's week survival guide

Don’t forget about orientation!!

While all the social events on during freshers are exciting and you wouldn’t miss them for the world, you cannot forget about orientation! There’s a lot of important admin to get sorted as well in this time, including registration, course introductions, healthcare inductions and finance support. While you might be nursing a sore head after a big night do not neglect orientation at any cost! You’ll only set yourself up for more complicated emails and dates further down the line

Fresher's week survival guide

Fresher’s week is all about introducing you to University life in the funnest and least intimidating way possible. It’s a time to make friendships that will last you a lifetime and give you a real taste of your new city. Enjoy it! After all it’s only a week which is bound to go in a flash and I promise you, awkwardness aside, you’ll miss it when it’s over.

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Fresher's week survival guide

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