Enjoy doing uni work in these Nottingham coffee shops

Enjoy doing uni work in these Nottingham coffee shops

We’ve all seen the Instagram photos of aesthetically pleasing work spaces. The pics that capture shiny laptops beside cursive to-do lists, pastel coloured walls and bright notebooks. There’s often a plant visible too. Even more enticing is when these snaps are shot at coffee shops, where a cup of coffee doused with creamy, white froth that’s styled in a heart shape joins in for the photo-shoot.

So, I’ve scouted out the best Nottingham coffee shops for you to do uni work whilst drinking that all important student staple – coffee. Ideal for when you’ve hit a study slump, need a boost for your worth ethic and insta feed, or when you’re just sick of Rutland’s coffee machine.

Treat yourself to a stylish study session with a caffeine companion here:

Enjoy doing uni work in these Nottingham coffee shops

Greenhood Coffee House

This rustic-modern combo coffee house is the ideal place to park your laptop and order study fuel.

It has a minimalist interior: white walls, low-hanging bulbs, bookshelves, a magazine stand and a flair of greenery. The clean-cut, organised atmosphere rids your head of distractions and forces you to think clearly, making it the perfect place to boost productivity and caffeine intake.

Where to sit? the stools by the window, for sure. What to drink? when I last went there, there was no menu (I read somewhere this was because the owners changed it so often to keep it interesting), so you’ll have to ask the barista for their recommended student special.

Enjoy doing uni work in these Nottingham coffee shops

The Speciality Coffee Shop

This coffee shop’s walls are crafted by artists, the coffee by experts, and the food…by gods.

With an artisan coffee in one hand and hummus with avocado on sourdough bread in the other, you’ll finally feel as though your life is in order. Doubling up as an Italian restaurant, the Speciality Coffee shop is the place to go for special treatment. The interior decor is also made from recycle material – this place cares for your planet as well as you.

Where to sit? beside the friendly coloured wheel at the back of the shop. What to drink? I like my iced lattes, but rumour has it their americano is stellar.

…And if you’re tempted by the food, you can never go wrong with waffles.

Enjoy doing uni work in these Nottingham coffee shops

200 Degrees

Sometimes I feel like I’m completing 200 degrees with the amount of workload I have.

This hustley bustley coffee shop is exactly what you’d expect from a ‘coffee shop background noise’ YouTube video; the chattering people, clattering of cups and clinking of mugs are there to comfort you whilst you work. The interior is also like a coffee bean colour chart, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Where to sit? beside the fireplace. What to drink? anything and everything.

Just remember not to stay at these places too long – in consideration of other customers and your bank account!

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Enjoy doing uni work in these Nottingham coffee shops

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