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Making the most of the last weeks of summer

At university we are lucky enough to get almost three months off for summer a year! A luxury that, when you enter the working world, will be brutally stripped away. As the break comes to a close here are a few ways to make the most of those last few weeks of summer!

Book a last minute holiday

Exhausted your home town for summer activities? Has that deposit money finally come through? Why don’t you book a last minute holiday – a cheap one of course. Everybody knows spontaneous trips are the best trips so grab a few mates and head into the sun. If you can’t rally your mates so last minute just take yourself! A last chance to catch up on some good R&R before returning to the uni stress bubble. Its also a good chance to top up your tan.

Make the beer garden your new best friend

Surprisingly the British summer seems to have picked it’s self back up again! Soak up the last few rays of summer in the best way – beer gardens. Its a chance to catch up with your mates, the ones you’ll miss back at uni. A chance to rinse the last of your funds before a new year of student finance blows in. And of course a chance to soak up the bubbly atmosphere – just a shame 2019 wasn’t a world cup year ey?

Visit your family

One we all innocently neglect. You might get caught up making the most of your summer with friends but family is just as important. I am extremely guilty for not visiting my family as much as I can when home from uni. Make the most of your time with your grandparents – they’re bound to want to know what you’ve been up to. Of course there’s your parents too, the ones that will miss you the most. Maybe soften the blow by planning a trip for them to visit this term.

Definitely not an exhaustive list of ways to make the most of the remaining weeks of summer but a starting point. Making the most of your time off is the key to easily integrating back into university life again after a long summer.

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