Constructing the perfect post-graduation plan

Constructing the perfect post-graduation plan

So, I’m going into my third year of University (Oh, how time flies!) And I wanted to share a couple of tips to start researching my post-graduation plan (scary, I know, but has to be done…) to make sure that, post graduation, you’re in a perfect situation, whatever that might look like.

Talk to graduates!

This is probably the first thing you should do to start constructing your post-graduation plan. Talk to your friends who have just graduated OR get in contact with graduates from your University. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for this, trust me. Talking to graduates and asking what they’re doing post-graduation allows you to discover all the different and wonderful places a degree can take you.

Constructing the perfect post-graduation plan

Not everyone follows the graduate scheme career path; some people are taking gap years to figure out what they want to do; some people are working back home at their old summer job perhaps to try and earn some money. Whatever the outcome, all are perfectly acceptable! At the time of graduation it was the perfect decision for them, everyone’s perfect is different.

Talk to companies!

A lot of talking advised here, sorry to those of you who don’t like picking up the phone or reaching out to strangers…

Constructing the perfect post-graduation plan

This would be my second best piece of advice. It allows you to ask all sort of intricate questions that allow you to assess if a certain job really is right for you. You have to be right for the company, but the company has to be right for you. Often, companies have long web pages full of information on graduate opportunities. But sometimes key information is missing and necessary to know.

My top three questions would be:

  1. Where will I be based? Will placements/rotations (if any) be in different offices?
  2. How likely is it that I’m offered a permanent position?
  3. What does the application process look like?

Best of luck!

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Constructing the perfect post-graduation plan

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