Dorm decor: where to shop in Nottingham

Dorm decor: where to shop in Nottingham

There’s only a couple of weeks until term starts and freshers move in, and making your halls feel like home is a must-do to ease the big move from familiar to unknown. To help that transition & spruce your room up, here’s some suggestions of where you can shop for dorm decor in Notts:


That’s right; Nottingham has an Ikea! As well as being a fun place to visit, it’s useful to go to if you need some in-person dorm inspo, extra furniture, or those classic Swedish meatballs.

It’s a good idea to stop at Ikea en route to uni whilst you still have a car because it’s only a 20 minute ride compared to the hour’s bus journey it could otherwise take you during term time.

Dorm decor: where to shop in Nottingham

It’s also worth looking out for any freshers events that offer trips to Ikea that provide the transport so you can go shopping (and play hide and seek) with your mates.

City Centre

Hop on the tram and get off at Old Market Square tram stop and you’ll be walking distance from Primark, Urban Outfitters, Wilko, John Lewis – everywhere that offers a home section with all the dorm decor you need.

They can provide essentials like bed sheets and lamps, or aesthetically pleasing titbits like fairy lights and cacti in pots.

Dorm decor: where to shop in Nottingham


B&M, Wilko and Tesco are all in Beeston; a 15 minute walk from West Entrance on campus. This town is unusual and busy, offering a line of coffee shops, charity shops, restaurants and a gym.

The supersize Tesco has an upper floor dedicated to home ware items perfect for dorm decor, and right beside the store are the student budget alternatives B&M and Wilko which can kit out your room with ease.

Dorm decor: where to shop in Nottingham

From your dorm

Why go out when you can order in? It might be worth having a couple of weeks to settle in your room before you buy anything – don’t feel pressure to have you dream room set up from the get go. That way, you buy what you really need and avoid spending money unnecessarily.

Your halls will have a special place to keep deliveries – though be warned, you might get sarcy comments if you order an excessive amount of items each week!

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Dorm decor: where to shop in Nottingham

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