Finding your feet after freshers week

Finding your feet after freshers week

After a week of first impressions, introductions and maybe one too many nights out, freshers is over. Now’s time to properly get into your lectures and (maybe) investigate the library! Here’s a few tips on finding your feet after freshers week on and off campus.

Pay attention to the campus map

How are you going to make it to lectures if you don’t know where you’re going? As a fresher, campus maps should have been circulated but if you’ve misplaced it they’re easily downloaded online too. Get to know campus. Highlight your most visited buildings and transport routes – before you know it you’ll be walking round like you’ve always lived here. Its easiest to get a feel of campus by walking it so don’t be afraid to take a long ‘scenic’ route home after lectures. You might even stumble across one of the many hidden gardens on your way!

Finding your feet after freshers week

Explore the city

*in the daytime – I might add!

Nottingham city at night and Nottingham city during the day are worlds apart. Don’t leave it till halfway through term to have a proper look around, leaving the beer goggles at home. Chances are if you’ve got a better idea of the city in the light you won’t feel so lost on a night out. I know I couldn’t place Ocean nightclub on a map for the majority of my first AND second year…maybe I still can’t now.

Socialise, socialise, socialise

Finding your feet after freshers week

Life’s easier when there’s supportive people around you. Make friends whenever and wherever you go, even if that’s a girl you meet in the bathroom on a night out and never see again! Loneliness at university is a very real and scary issue that is rarely highlighted to freshers. Combat the temptation to lock yourself away when you’re not feeling your best and socialise. Make friends with course mates, team mates, your flat, your mates mates and even your mates mates mates! One of the best things about university is being surrounded by so many like-minded young people, so make the most of it while you can…I promise you three years goes in a flash.

Ask for help

Now the first week is over you might have scrapped your freshers wristband but that doesn’t mean all the support disappears with it. Mentors, friendly staff and students are everywhere so if you’re ever in need of help just ask…even if your question feels stupid.

Finding your feet after freshers week

Moving to university is a big change for everyone but relax, before you know it you’ll feel at home.

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Finding your feet after freshers week

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