Overcoming Gym Anxiety at University

Overcoming Gym Anxiety at University

We’ve all been there “new year new me” and what better new year than the academic one!? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of self-improvement. With the era of the Instagram gym-bunnies upon us there’s plenty motivation to keep fit. But what about actually going…university gyms can be terrifying (especially as a newbie)!! Here’s a few ways to overcome some of that gym anxiety.

Overcoming Gym Anxiety at University

Find a Gym Buddy

First things first find a friend!! Things are never as scary or intimidating if you’re in good company. Maybe your mate is an avid gym-goer who can truly show you the ropes…or they’re just as nervous as you are. Either way it doesn’t matter, there’s strength in numbers. This doesn’t even have to be a permanent thing, after a few months you’ll feel more at home and ready to venture out on your own. Whatever happens just have a laugh.

Wear clothes you’re comfortable in

A small thing to consider but still a worthwhile one. If you’re not your most comfortable in tight fitting Lycra gym wear then simply don’t wear it!! You’ll still be able to lift weights and run on the treadmill in comfy leggings and loose tops. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing you’ll be less worried that the gym fanatics could possibly judge you. I promise you they won’t…in fact many of the nicest people I’ve met have been through the gym.

Overcoming Gym Anxiety at University

Ask for help when you need it

Not only is this point important from a confidence perspective it’s also important for your safety. Always always ask for help from staff and experienced gym members if you are unsure of what you’re doing. Just because you’ve seen the gym equipment used in a YouTube video doesn’t mean your gym will be the same. You’ll save yourself injury and disapproving looks if you just ask first. Another benefit is being able to guide other newbies with your learnt experience. That means more friends, less stress and better results along the way! What’s not to love?

Go at your own pace

If you’re a complete novice embrace it! There’s absolutely no embarrassment in starting at the bottom and working your way up. If anything your body will THANK you for taking the slow approach. You’ll be able to better refine techniques, pick up less bad habits and see what works for you. Progress might seem slow at first, especially if you compare yourself to all the toned ‘perfect’ bodies around you but just remember they were once newbies too!

Overcoming Gym Anxiety at University

Starting the gym at university is the same for everyone. It’s all about self growth and commitment. No doubt everyone around you has just as busy of a schedule as you do, they don’t have time to stop and stare. So relax, enjoy the process and get those endorphins racing!

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Overcoming Gym Anxiety at University

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