3 Reasons to get a job at Uni

3 Reasons to get a job at Uni

Many people who go to university already have a part-time job while they’re studying, but there are also an equal amount of people who don’t. For those students who do not have a job at uni, this article will hopefully persuade you to get one.


The main reason to get a job at uni is to become more employable after your studies. Employers are looking for more than just grades, they’re also looking for transferable skills such as communication, team-work, the ability to work in a professional environment, customer service and lots more. Quite frankly, many of these skills that employees are looking for can’t be found in just academic work alone. If they are, then work can boost and strengthen those skills.

3 Reasons to get a job at Uni

Getting a job doesn’t always have to be a typical weekend job at your local store. It can be a part-time internship or volunteering, or it can even include being a member of a society committee. As long as you can show that you’re being pro-active and engaging with skills beyond the academic then that is what employers are looking for.

Good use of your time

Being a university student also means that you have a lot of time on your hands, especially if you plan your time wisely and efficiently. It’s a chance to take your mind off from academic work and focus on something else.

It can also lead to friendships being formed and connections being created that might be beneficial to you. Those connections can possibly give you a deeper insight into that particular field of work and might also help to advance your career in the future.

3 Reasons to get a job at Uni

Develop a new skill or interest

Getting a job, whether paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time can provide you with a new skill(s) or hobby. The job that you have taken might become more than just a thing to put on your CV, it can turn a passion, leading you down a path that you never thought of taking.

While you’re at university, take the time to experiment with different things. Explore different possibilities and interests and try to gain as many skills as you can.

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3 Reasons to get a job at Uni

Lisa Bastow

I am a History student at Keele University.