Enjoying your own company

Enjoying your own company

At Uni, it’s can be really easy to feel lonely. Maybe you’re the only single person in your house, doomed to spend Saturday nights out as the third (or fifth) wheel. Perhaps you haven’t found a society you like, and tend to head home straight after lectures. Or maybe you’re actually starting to miss your annoying sibling and your nagging parents. It can be tough, and if you’re struggling there’s plenty of people you can talk to. But here’s a secret: spending some time alone is actually the best. Here’s how to learn to enjoy your own company:

Self-care central

Spending time on your own means you get the time to look after yourself. Spend an evening watching Netflix with a cup of tea and a face mask, head to the gym or out for a run, read a book you’ve been meaning to for ages. Whatever works for you. Basically: spending time in your own company makes it super easy to do all the little things you need to look after yourself properly, and they really add up.

Being selfish with your time

No waking up early on Sundays to the sound of your Mum vacuuming, no waiting for your girlfriend before you can watch the next episode of American Horror Story. You can do what you want, when you want to. I’m all for having a healthy routine, but enjoying your own company means you get to decide what that routine looks like, and you don’t have to answer to anyone else.

Getting out of your comfort zone

My latest plan to get out of my comfort zone is to take myself out for breakfast. Resisting the urge to invite a friend or just stay at home, picking up my lapop or a book and heading out for coffee and pancakes. It’s taking a while to convince myself that no one is staring at me or wondering why I’m alone. But the thing is – it’s not lonely, it’s actually super liberating!

Don’t take it too far

So, spending time by yourself is fantastic and I really can’t reccomend it enough. But don’t use it as an excuse to isolate yourself. Make the effort to talk to people in your lectures, make plans with old school friends, spend time with your family. Enjoying your own company is great, but remember other people can be fun too!

If you’re really feeling down due to loneliness, reach out to someone, and check out this handy NHS guide.

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Enjoying your own company

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