How to plan for your second-year accommodation

How to plan for your second-year accommodation

Now some of you might have already started planning for your second-year accommodation, some might have a place to stay already for the coming academic year. However, the majority, I presume, have not yet created a plan.

Here are two things for you to think about in regards to second-year accommodation.

Who you might want to live with

First things first, try and think about who you might want to live with. Whether that be some of your current flatmates that you befriended in halls or course mates or both. Try to pick friends who you think you might get along with living together. You might have good friends but could you actually share a house with them for a whole year? Do you think you could all co-operate and collectively take responsibilities for paying the bills, taking out the bins and cleaning up after yourself?

How to plan for your second-year accommodation

Think about your interest and find some people who you might share that interest with. Whether it’s a common interest for the nightlife, or the societies or your course. This will help you get along better and could lead to a stronger and better relationship.

Reputable Landlords, SU and Accommodation Fayre

When searching for a good landlord or landlady, look at their references and ratings so you can see if they are good, reputable and honest landlords. Furthermore, it might be useful to go to your university’s Student Union to ask for their help and guidance on this matter if you are unsure about it.

Also, look out for your universities accommodation fairs/ events. These events are often held within a week or two after your Christmas break. To view these events you can often find it on your university website and might also see it advertise around the university. These events are a great way to meet lots of landlords and landladies who are respectable and trustworthy often with a good property price.

How to plan for your second-year accommodation

Try not to stress too much about accommodation, it will most likely all fall into place in the end.

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How to plan for your second-year accommodation

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