What to do if your exams didn't go as planned

What to do if your exams didn’t go as planned

The exam period is a stressful time that every student, unfortunately, needs to go through. For some people, exams go by and they pass with flying colours. For others, it has not gone so well and they have not done so well, or they have failed their exam(s) entirely. If you are one of those people who the exam period has not been so kind to, here are a few things that you might want to consider.

Be true to yourself

Be honest with yourself, did you truly revise to the best of your ability in preparation for your exam(s)? Did you put in the time to sit down get some extra reading done and revise your notes from your lecturers? If not, then for next time, please put in the effort to do so. If you need some help then ask your teacher(s) or classmates, and often enough your university often provides study tip sessions – go ahead and attend one of these to see what you can pick up.

What to do if your exams didn't go as planned

Ask for help

If you did revise a lot and it still went south then go ahead and ask your teacher to see what you did wrong and how you could improve. Maybe the content that you focused on was not the most important? Ask your classmates how they revised and see what you might be able to learn from them.

Don’t panic

This might be a hard thing not to do, but it is not the end of the world. There is always the opportunity to retake the exam if needed. Try to learn from your past mistakes. It is also important to note that you are not the only one. Many students have gone through the same thing that you have, try to remain positive for the next exam whether it is the re-take exam or the next exam period.

What to do if your exams didn't go as planned

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What to do if your exams didn't go as planned

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