5 things you need to bring to uni

5 things you need to bring to uni

Knowing what to bring to uni can be stressful at the best of times, especially as there as so many lists telling you what and what not to bring! With so much to think about you’re bound to leave something behind. But now more than ever, its important to stay organised – here are five of the things you can’t forget.

1. Photos

5 things you need to bring to uni

Uni halls and student houses can sometimes be pretty drab, so packing your own photos can help brighten it up and personalise the space. As well as this, it can also make you feel a bit more comfortable in the room. Most rooms will have a huge pin-board that you can cover, but you can also DIY and bring your own, or attach pictures to string that you can hang up. I find the best way to print them is through the app Free Prints. It lets you order 45 photos a month and just pay for postage!

2. Hangers

As boring as it sounds, clothes hangers are something you definitely need to bring! Uni halls sometimes have a few hangers in the wardrobe already, but student houses rarely do. Stocking up on them when you go on the pre-uni IKEA trip is a good idea, because you don’t want to arrive with nowhere to put your clothes.

5 things you need to bring to uni

3. Folders

Some lecturers love to give out a lot of handouts, which can very easily get lost if you don’t have anywhere to put them. This is something I didn’t realise when I came to uni. I spent the first month drowning in handouts before I finally bought some folders and got organised. Bringing them with you will help you avoid this. Plus, you’ll feel super on top of things from the beginning. It will also make revision a lot easier!

4. Extension Leads

For some reason, there never seems to be enough plugs, or if there are they are hidden behind wardrobes and drawers. Extension leads are vital when moving to uni, especially because your laptop and phone will inevitably die at the same time. You can also put them where you want, instead of having to charge your laptop on the floor.

5 things you need to bring to uni

5. Reusable coffee cup

A bit of a rogue essential here, but those of you who are already at uni will definitely agree. Coffee is needed for those dreaded 9ams, long exam seasons and everything in between. Not only do reusable cups reduce your waste, they’ll also encourage you to stop going to uni via Starbucks and to bring your own coffee instead. Trust me, it will save you a LOT of money.

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5 things you need to bring to uni

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