The Keys to Success as a University Graduate

The Keys to Success as a University Graduate

You’ve finally finished uni, your dissertation has been handed in, your last exam finished. Now what? Some people are doing masters, some are moving back home, some have got jobs. How do you know if you’re a success?

If you’ve tried your best, you’re a success:

Did you make sure to research every assessment, did you proof read, did you attend your lectures? All you can do is your best, and whether that’s a 2:2 or a 1st, finishing uni is a massive accomplishment. Whatever grade you achieve at the end you should be proud of yourself. Get your diss, go take photos and let the world know that you’ve finished!

If you’ve got a job lined up…

You’ve finished your assessments and now what? Time to swap out your leggings and leavers jumper for a more business friendly wardrobe. The skills that you’ve learnt as a student will now be tested in a real life situation – but you’ve come prepared! Finishing uni with a job already lined up is an achievement, be proud and don’t forget to use #firstdaygoals on your photo of your new desk.

The Keys to Success as a University Graduate

If you’re doing a masters…

Is your masters a continuation of your undergrad degree, or are you dramatically changing up your life aspirations? No matter what you said yes to, you’re a successful graduate! A lot of your peers would think you’re mad for wanting to do more late nights in the library, more early morning lectures. Being bold and changing-up what you’re qualified to do is scary, but knowing what you want and going after it is admirable! And you get two tries at a good cap and gown photo, so who’s really winning here?

If you’re moving back home…

You’ve finished education, and that’s already a huge success!. No one is telling you where you should be at what time, or what your goals should look like. That’s scary! Going back home to seek the guidance of those older and wiser (just don’t emphasise the older part) is not something to be ashamed of! Setting up a new path to take, making sure your ducks are in a row, taking a breather from the hectic student life you’ve been engulfed in for the last three years; it’s all natural! Life isn’t a race and no one is keeping score, everyone is too preoccupied with themselves to judge you.

The Keys to Success as a University Graduate

The bottom line? It’s all about how you feel:

Success is something that is personal. My personal achievements will look very different to yours, as they should because we are not the same person! As long as you feel successful in your life, no one can tell you that you’re not. Success is a powerful feeling, it makes us aware that we can do anything we want to do. So be proud of your accomplishments and don’t let others make you feel like they’re not incredible achievements.

Article written by Clodagh Mckechnie.

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The Keys to Success as a University Graduate

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