Let’s talk about this online community for graduates …

Let's talk about this online community for graduates ...

Gals Who Graduate is an online community for young female graduates navigating post uni life. Charlotte Lassman tells us why this kind of community is so powerful.

Navigating the world as a young woman can be intimidating. Between leaving home, getting through university, and not knowing what to do after you graduate, it’s easy to feel alone and lost. This is why online communities are so valuable. They give people access to a network full of others who are going through the same thing, or have been through it and can impart wisdom. This is exactly what the ‘gals who’ group does. What began as a Facebook group created for women students and graduates evolved into a massive online community spanning tens of thousands of girls (and counting!). And the gal behind the magic: Brontë King, founder and CEO of the brand. In 2019, she set up a Facebook group named ‘gals who graduate’. Having recently graduated herself, she wanted to create a safe place for other girls going through this transitional period. Three years later, due to the success of the original group, it has rapidly multiplied into a number of sub-groups…

Gals who graduate

Being the OG group, its main use now is for general advice for girls in their twenties. The group is full of ladies in different stages of uni or their career, making it a great resource for anyone who’s unsure who to turn to. As is the case with all the groups, you have the option to post anonymously. You never have to worry about anyone you know finding your post.

Gals who rent

If you’re moving to a different city for a new job and want to find new roommates, this is the group for you. There are plenty of offers for spare rooms going, but you can also make your own post looking for housemates. Or, if you’re just looking for general advice on renting, this group is also a really useful resource.

Gals who sweat

This group was made for tips about all things exercise, fitness and nutrition. Whether you’re just thinking of joining a gym or you’re a health and fitness aficionado, there is always someone to answer your queries.

Let's talk about this online community for graduates ...

Gals who travel

Looking at taking a gap year before starting a job? Or just want tips on the cheapest way to plan a spontaneous getaway? Look no further – not only is this group full of useful travel tips, it’s also great for finding travel buddies. You can either respond to someone’s request looking for someone to travel with, or make your own post.

Gals who read

Whether you’re a massive bookworm or you haven’t read in years, this welcoming community will help you find the perfect book for you. In gals who read, there are dozens of book recommendations a day, meaning that no matter your preference, you can find your next favourite novel on there. They also have Selling Sundays, so be sure to turn notifications on to get the best offers on second hand books from other girls!

Gals who graduate – city versions

Since the original group gained so many members, the admins decided to create subgroups for various UK cities. So far, this includes: Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Exeter, Leeds, Nottingham, York, Kent and Bristol. There is also a group dedicated to Scotland. These groups are mainly for people looking for new friends in their city, flatmates, and also recommendations for bars, restaurants, and fun activities in the area. If your city hasn’t got a group yet, keep your eyes peeled for new additions!

Finally, be sure to check out the @galswhograduate Instagram account, where you’ll find features from successful women giving advice to grads. There have also been collaborations with companies such as EY and Gradfuel, with events and opportunities for networking and finding a grad job, so be sure to follow them!

Written by Charlotte Lassman

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Let's talk about this online community for graduates ...

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