Where Tyfy started

Tyfy was founded in 2017 as a response to the growing need to connect students together. Social isolation, academic anxiety and the pressure to find a job after graduating are all serious problems for 21st century students. The key to solving these problems is simple: helping each other. Our peer mentoring software exists to allow students to do just that.

“After I finished University, the world of graduate employment turned out to be a lot scarier than I’d been prepared for. That’s why I founded Tyfy. I wanted to help students who would soon be facing the same problem. Now, we seek to help those students with a range of issues, from academic insecurity to their mental health. We do this by enabling them to access support that matches 21st century demand.”

– James, Founder

Now, Tyfy’s peer mentoring software has developed into a means of connecting students not only with each other, but with their University, too.


What we want

We want every campus to have access to safe, reliable peer mentoring software. We also want every student to know about the amazing services that already exist to support them with their studies, their well being and their life after University.

“For me, the most important aspect of Tyfy is the potential it has to reach out to every student in need of support. Especially the ones who may have previously fallen through the cracks in existing higher education systems. We want to improve student mental health by bringing students together and helping them help themselves.”

Emily, Marketing Co-ordinator

A connected campus is a safe, supported and happy campus. It’s one every student deserves to be a part of.