Business Engagements

What do we do?

We work with institutions to improve their student retention and satisfaction.

The most common reasons for student dissatisfaction and generally low student well-being are very simple;
  1. Isolation
  2. Academic Stress

Tyfy creates an inclusive online environment, which particularly appeals to international students. By putting stressed out students together with calmer ones, and making this relationship mutually beneficial, we help students help themselves.

Our forums also allow you, as an institution, to keep track of any large issues within your community (rather than finding out on a module evaluation form).

Business Engagements

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Who we work with:

The Ingenuity Lab, Nottingham 

Business Engagements

The Lab uses Tyfy to bring together it’s network of entrepreneurs from across the Globe.

Nottingham University Business School

Business Engagements

Nottingham University Business School use Tyfy to speed up and supplement their ‘Buddy Scheme’.