Company Updates

Tyfy goes to Pitch@Palace

Company Updates

Tyfy recently attended HRH The Duke of York’s Pitch@Palace event on tour in Sheffield. The day included the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with 12 other businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as meeting the Duke of York himself! We also had the chance to pitch Tyfy’s business model, a full video of which you can find here.

“We’re so proud to have been lucky enough to take part in pitch@palace. Even attending was a huge achievement.”

James, Founder

Nottingham University Business School renews contract with Tyfy

The business school first piloted Tyfy last semester, and has since renewed their contract.

“We’re enormously proud to be working with NUBS following a successful pilot last year. We’re excited to help more Business School students”

– James, Tyfy Founder

With support from the Business School, working with students and academics alike, we’ve streamlined the mentoring process. Now, Tyfy is not only a tool for communication amongst students, but a way of connecting those students to their University. Unlike traditional peer mentoring schemes, taking the process online means the Business School have a full record of interactions after the initial matching process. This ensures all students get the support they need. It also allows the University to tackle student satisfaction issues in real time and acts as a first point of contact for potentially at risk students.

Company Updates

Perhaps most crucially, Tyfy directs Business School students back to the already existing services on offer to them, from careers advice to welfare support. This ensures that students are aware of the help available to them, and that staff efforts to support them are not in vain.

“It allows us to create a platform that will work to improve the communications within the student groups and between the school and the students.”

– Jackie Andrews, Skills and Development Manager, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham.

Interview with BBC Radio Nottingham

Our Founder James recently visited BBC Radio Nottingham to talk about how Tyfy helps students. He was interviewed by the BBC’s Alan Clifford about the anxiety many students face upon starting University, and how Tyfy aims to ease this pressure.

“Giving them (students) space to interact is important in encouraging them to ask for help, or to make use of the facilities their University offers”

You can listen to the full interview here.

Interview with Global News

We were recently interviewed by Global News regarding the rise in student suicides in the UK. We discussed the student mental health crisis and how Tyfy is consequently working to support welfare. Tyfy aims to ease the pressures of social isolation and academic anxiety. For many students, these are the main contributors to negative mental health. You can listen to the interview here.

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