Emily Goodwin,

Marketing Co-ordinator.

Emily Goodwin,

Emily joined Tyfy in September 2018. She started with the Blog, which grew from nothing to a readership of 1-3,000 students per month. Since then, Emily has developed as Marketing Co-ordinator for the company and most recently was appointed a Director in December 2019.

Emily handles all marketing efforts for Tyfy, from social media and digital marketing campaigns to market research and branding techniques, as well as managing recruitment, client outreach and general business administration along with James.

“For me, the most important aspect of Tyfy is it’s potential to positively impact the well being of students, by helping them feel up to speed with their studies and included in campus life.”

If you’d like to write for the blog, get in touch at emily@tyfy.co

The marketing team:

Aisling Harrington-Brown
Marketing and Events Intern.
Leah Smart
Student Writer and Marketing Contributor.
Holly Botterill
Student Writer and Marketing Contributor.