Keele University

Keele University have worked with Keele University since 2019 on a variety of projects, from pilot studies to academic papers, and have worked alongside professionals at the university to help develop our business and software.

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Keele University

Research Study:

‘An Investigation into the Benefits of Peer Mentoring’ conducted alongside Dr Colin Rigby.

Keele University

Pharmacy School:

Students at the Pharmacy School have been using to support their buddy system since 2020.

Keele University

Foundation Year: was instrumental in supporting Foundation Year students during the pandemic.

Keele Pharmacy School.

A study was conducted alongside Dr Katie Maddock at Keele University’s School of Pharmacy into student experience of using Tyfy was used to automate the essential mentoring component of students’ professional accreditation as pharmacists.

  • Over 400 students were engaged with and involved with the study.  
  • 76% of students found ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to use,
  • Over half of students participating found more time efficient than their previous mentoring system.