Streamlined quality and safety monitoring.

How can we assure quality advice is given? Well, the same way you do currently.

We get it, you don’t want Third Year mentors giving out academic advice they’re not qualified to give, or worse, giving mental health support they’re not trained to provide.

It comes down to what training you provide the mentors in your current scheme – you will already have guidelines and rules that your mentors work to to prevent the above circumstances. Tyfy allows you to uphold these more rigorously.

Sneak Peak:

Any conversation can be ‘Reported’, and then the University Monitor will be able to review the issue and act accordingly.

Streamlined quality and safety monitoring.

If either student feels unsure, they can report the issue and a monitor can review the problem. This way, instead of issues worsening, you can refer students to the relevant sources of support sooner, rather than later.