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Where we work,
Where we work,

Nottingham University Business School use Tyfy to speed up and supplement their ‘Buddy Scheme’.

During our ‘Trial Semester’, we have been able to work out problems such as student engagement, and better learn how to improve Tyfy.


Jackie Andrews

“For a school the size of the Business School, Tyfy is an excellent potential mechanism for our students, enabling them to contact each other for the purposes of buddying and mentoring. We had an initial pilot this year which we are hoping to expand for next year. Along with this we are looking at ways to include contact for LCF reps, possible forums and book sales. James is great to work with and is able to look at things from a student’s view to allow us to create a platform that will work to improve the communications within the student groups and between the school and the students.”

Jackie Andrews,

Skills and Development Manager, Nottingham University Business School.

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“Tyfy is a useful communication and networking tool within a University environment. Using it has enabled me to connect with more experienced students who shared best-bets and useful advice”” – Tom Perry, First Year Undergraduate.

Profile picture of James Martin

“By having access to experienced third year students I have been able to further my academic abilities while sharing what I have learned with others. Would definitely recommend to future first years.” – James Martin, First Year Undergraduate

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“Tyfy has given me tangible evidence of my skills through reviews, which helps me stand out from the crowd in interviews.” – Holly Botterill, Third Year Undergraduate

What’s next?

  • Website redesign using student focus groups.
  • Additional features such as Book Sale functionality.
  • Improved reporting and management system for University monitors.
  • Easier registration process for students.

Where we work,
Where we work,

The Lab uses Tyfy to bring together it’s network of entrepreneurs from across the Globe.