Why Mentor

Why Mentor

We all know the struggle of preparing to get a job when you leave Uni. Not only is the graduate employment market really competitive, but you need experience and skills to even have a chance – but who really has time for endless, time consuming part time jobs and volunteering whilst studying? Why mentor with Tyfy? We help make this problem a little easier to tackle: 

Mentor from your phone

We know you probably don’t have time for an awkward meeting with a younger student you have nothing in common with. But helping someone out with a quick question from your phone? You could probably spare a minute. Plus – we match you with students who are studying modules you’ve already done, so you’ll most likely be able to help. It’s simple, ask a quick question and get on with your day. 

Build your CV in your spare time

We’ve all put the words ‘excellent communicator’ and ‘works well in a team’ on our CV, but so does everyone else. So how do we stand out? Everyone you mentor with Tyfy leaves a review, allowing you to build up testimonials that prove all the skills you list on your CV. Plus, you can say you’re so good at what you do, you’ve taught other people about it, too. 

So, the question is less ‘Why mentor with Tyfy?’ and more ‘What are you waiting for?’ If you’re a Nottingham University Business School student, you can sign up here. Or if you’re not, but you’d still like to mentor, fill out this form and we’ll see what we can do.