Making the most of the Easter Break

Making the most of the Easter Break

In school, the Easter holidays were for relaxing, seeing friends and binging TV series’. In University it’s a slightly different story. With deadlines and exams after the break, it can be difficult to give yourself any time off. Here are my tips for getting everything done, whilst also giving yourself a well-earned rest.

Plan your days off first

Heading into the break, all of the revision and writing you have to do is pretty daunting. Personally, I’ve got two essays to write and 3 exams to revise for. I find that planning in your days off before you plan your revision can be really useful. If you have plans for certain days already, pencil them in and take this into account when you’re making a revision timetable. It will save you the guilt of missing a full day of revision because you forgot you were going to town with your friend.

Use breaks productively

Often, taking even a few hours off of revision can make you feel guilty, but filling this time with something productive can eliminate some of this. Take your mum out for coffee, meet up with old school friends or go to the gym. When you are lying in bed watching Netflix the feeling of guilt is constantly hanging over you, but when you are actively distracting yourself it is a lot easier to relax. If you take a break to do some exercise or socialise, it is a lot easier to get back into work mode than if you’ve spent 3 hours binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Making the most of the Easter Break

Give yourself an ‘Easter project’

Is there something non-uni related you’ve been meaning to do all semester but haven’t got around to doing? It might be reading a book for fun, finding work experience, applying for jobs or booking a holiday. The Easter break is the perfect time to get this done, as you don’t have the usual distractions that make time disappear. Set aside time each day, or a few times a week to focus on this. Not only are you using breaks productively, you will also feel a sense of accomplishment when it is done! My Easter project this year is going to be coming up with a post-uni plan.

Go visit a University friend

We all have that friend from uni who lives so far away that it is almost exotic! Take a couple of days over Easter to go and visit them. You can explore a new place, catch up with your friend and even treat it as a mini holiday.

Making the most of the Easter Break

Make the most of family time

You’re a student, you’re independent, you don’t even get homesick anymore, but something about being at home is so comforting. You have dinner on the table, your mum does your washing and there’s so much food you don’t have to dash to mini Sainsburys every day! Plus, you get to spend time with your family. Even if you have been away at University for a few years, I can guarantee that your family still miss you and count down the days until you’re home for the holidays.

Do some work

Although this post has mainly focused on how to take breaks and use your time productively, it is important to get some work done over Easter. Keep on top of things, and make sure you know when your deadlines are. In the holidays it’s easy to lose track of the date and you definitely don’t want to miss a deadline! If you take regular breaks and use some of your time to focus on non-uni related work too, it’s easier to motivate yourself to study – I promise.

Making the most of the Easter Break

Making the most of the Easter Break

Holly Botterill

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