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Making the most of summer rent

Pretty much all student tenancies come with year long contracts but most of us aren’t actually at university 52 weeks of the year. It seems a waste to be spending upwards of £100/week on rent to not even be there. Here’s a few ways to make the most of the rent you’re paying over summer.

Stick around when term ends

Don’t rush off as soon as your exams are over, chances are there’s still plenty going on around campus. Spend the time relaxing a little, making the most of having your friends around and maybe hit the gym. I’m sure you’ve neglected it during exam season. This means you’ll also make the most of your gym membership since you’re also paying for months you’re not at university. Even after term officially ends there’s nothing stopping you hanging on another week or two and really getting to know the city you’re studying in. Grab a few mates and act like tourists. Indulge in the local attractions and eat out at somewhere that isn’t Wetherspoons. You could even do this with friends who you don’t go to university with, think of yourself as a personal tour guide at their disposal.

Invite friends and family to use the space

If you’re not using your room that doesn’t mean you can’t provide a place for your friends and family to stay if they’re in the city. Maybe your aunt’s booked a holiday but is flying out from an airport near your university? Or a friend has plans to go to an event? You have the perfect means to provide a solution for where to stay! You could even organise with friends at other universities (also paying rent over summer) a sort of house-swap. If you fancy visiting the likes of Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and have friends over there, well, it really couldn’t be easier…and cheaper. Which means more money to spend on drinks.

Make plans not just in your home city

Fancy going to a gig? Don’t just look at buying tickets for the venue in your home city. What’s stopping you picking the venue local to your university? Absolutely nothing. This might even be a handy trick when one or another venue sells out before you have a chance to snag a ticket. Have a think about day festivals and one-off events going on in your university city, there’s no need to write off the extra bit of planning – especially since accommodation is sorted!

Host a graduation party

Graduation usually falls in July so if you’re in your final year you’ll have the perfect location to host friends, family and course mates for the day. You’ll also be able to get ready properly beforehand – beats sitting in the car for hours creasing your outfit. If you live particularly far from university having a house to use will be a god send. No need to get up at the crack of dawn and spend your special day groggy from travelling. When that’s over what better way to celebrate than hosting a party back at your place? You’ve got the space, no need to book a hotel.

There’s no excuse not to make the most of having a home away from home at your disposal over summer. If anything you’re just increasing the feeling of getting your money’s worth. Which is always a good feeling. So open your mind up, prepare to be a little more flexible and a little more on the go – after all it is summer.