Getting back into the uni mindset after Christmas

Getting back into the uni mindset after Christmas

Having a whole month off from uni is such a long time, and it can make it quite hard to get back into the mindset when you do go back. This can make it quite difficult, especially if you have exams or deadlines soon after the break. Here are my top tips for making sure you are in the right frame of mind when you do go back, so that you smash the upcoming semester.

Getting back into the uni mindset after Christmas

Go back early

I’m being a bit of a hypocrite here as I tended to go back to uni the day before we started, but looking back I wish I’d gone back before that. I always had exams after the break, so going back literally the night before meant I had to rush unpacking. I also felt bad catching up with my friends because I was worried about not revising! Go back a few days early and chill out a bit before exams.

Make sure you know your timetable

A month away makes you forget about uni completely, and this coupled with a new term probably meaning a new timetable is a recipe for disaster if you’re not prepared. Make sure you check and double check any timetable changes, deadlines and exams before you go back. Not only will you be well prepared, those things will stick in your mind and you’ll be working towards them. This is great if it’s an important deadline or change.

Getting back into the uni mindset after Christmas

Plan some fun things

For some people, the thought of going back to uni fills them with dread. This is heightened after Christmas as it’s exam season AND it’s dark and cold outside. Make sure you plan in some fun things, like movie nights, nights out and group meals. They’re good to look forward to, and they’re also a great way to break up a long semester of work and put you in a more positive mindset.

Getting back into the uni mindset after Christmas

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